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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wherefore art thou corn man... and other Random Tuesday thoughts


  • Yesterday's post had me craving corn... the Corn Man didn't come :( 
  •  I have a cut on the bottom and top part on the tip of my tongue. I don't know how I got it but it frikkin hurts! So maybe Corn is a bad idea.
  •  Six more days until I have a real bed!! Okay a Futon but that's getting closer!
  • Caffeine in its cold state (iced coffee, iced latte, iced black or green teas) is more potent than caffeine drunk hot. 
  • I went to Barista school and worked in various coffee shops (one well known) as a Shift Supervisor for more than 6 years. I think the total is closer to 8 yrs counting maternity leaves.
  • Tip your local Barista the companies treat them like crap.
  • I reverted back to being a Vegetarian. Not because I am an animal activist, for my health.
  • I spent many years being a Vegetarian when I lived in the Bay and its the best I've ever felt in my life.
  • Today is National Missing Children's Day.
  • If a Perv ever took my child please lock me up because I'd hunt him down like Sally Fields did in An Eye for an Eye.
  • It's suppose to rain here in Cali Tuesday & Wednesday. I'm very happy, not ready for Summer.
  • I strongly dislike the heat. Strongly.
  • If you hate Tofu try it baked.. Teriyaki Baked Tofu is delish! And I detest Tofu!!
  • I am NEVER sticking up for my Lil' Cousin again!! She has a PHD in "lack of loyalty" and an AA in "throwing stones while having a glass house".
  • I no longer get bitter or upset when people aren't how I expect them to be, I simply move on and don't look back.
  • My garden of friends and family has been weeded.
  • I didn't walk the last three days
  • Going to walk now
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Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

I don't even like corn on the cob, and your post about the corn man had my mouth watering, but I agree that it probably isn't the best choice when you've got cuts on your tongue! I deal with that all the time, because I have a bad habit of flicking my tongue against the back of my teeth ... I really need to stop that lol

Erin said...

I'm doing low carb right now and I wanted to lick the computer screen it sounded so good. I hope your bed gets their faster than 6 days. That would be an awesome surprise!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Now I'm craving corn... :) Sorry about the cut on your tongue - OUCH!

I always tip the Barista's well - especially after I heard the companies don't treat them well...

I'd absolutely be the same way if someone stole my child...just call me Sally! ;)

I've had to weed my garden of family and friends, too - it can be quite liberating.

Shocking Fence, Cuckoo's Nest, Spring Has Sprung

Margaret said...

I would hunt down and kill someone if the kidnapped my child and that includes my furry babies as well!!!

Noelle said...

do you think the corn men get paid well? their job looks better than mine at the moment!

have a great tuesday!

Kmama said...

Shame on the corn man. Doesn't he know you NEED him?

Cheeseboy said...

I have often thought that about caffeine, but never had scientific proof. I am going to take your blog as scientific proof.

Monkey Man said...

Love these random thoughts. Wish we had a corn man. I know many a Californian who made the move north to enjoy our gray skies (shhh don't let anyone know we really do have beautiful weather that helps keep us lush and green).

Nancy C said...

I think it's a good idea, for mental health, to do the occasional "weeding"

rose said...

I agree that if someone took or done something to my child i would go on, on to do what i needed to get my child. tofu it's not my favorite thing, but i might give it a try as i haven't done this in years. have a good day

Meeko Fabulous said...

Would you believe me if I said that this poor sheltered Mexican kid has never had corn from the elote man?

Evonne said...

Mmmm... corn!

Cold coffee is definitely potent!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I don't like corn on the cob either, but how awesome would that be to have a guy just making it on the street like that? I'd have to buy one just on principle! We don't see stuff like that around here.

Ms. Latina said...

I totally agree with your statement about Caffeine in its cold state. I always seem to gulp down my LARGE iced coffee and when I do watch out, cause I'll talk your ear off! LOL

Mama Zen said...

I didn't know that about caffeine!