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My Blog is about many things, adult adoptee, autism, family, laughter, and love, feel free to follow me on my journey, and look through my archives. It takes more than one subject to define me or my family. We are a mixture of a bit of everything!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Recession Confessions... Latte Everyday

How much do you spend a year at the Coffee House?

There are some things in Life we just don't want to give up.... actually let me rephrase that. There are some things in Life we shouldn't have to give up! Yes times are hard and our pockets are full of lint... but does that mean we don't deserve to treat ourselves?

I worked at Coffee Shops for years and have a few tricks up my sleeve. The main thing to remember is Coffee Drinks are just liquid recipes. I compare it to Sandwiches. It always tastes better when someone else makes it. The reality is if you have all your necessary ingredients, you can make it yourself just as well, if not better! It'll take a few tries to get your drink just right, but once you figure it out you will smirk at the fact you ever paid over a penny to a Corporation for your daily fix! Don't let the pretty cups and bouncy Barista's fool you.

A few simple things to know... Espresso has less caffeine than Coffee. Dark Roast has less Caffeine than Regular roast, and Decaf Coffee has Caffeine, just a less amount than regular. Certain companies claim to be "Kosher" yet store all the products together, and/or use the same serving utensils.... and lets not forget the Barista's on breaks who store their lunches near "Kosher" products. Certain companies use fancy names for drinks and drink sizes... don't be fooled, you can be your own Barista!!

If you insist on having Espresso drinks be smart. Buy your equipment separate. The big shiny (and some times candy apple red, forest green, all the pretty colors that match your kitchen) machines are a gimmick! Get a small one cup espresso machine. I think Krups makes one for under 40 bucks. Get a simple basic Steamer for Milk if you insist on foam for your Lattes, or if you'd like a Capuccino. The reason I say this is the bigger machines have many maintenance issues if used frequently. They tend to break shortly after the Warranty expires (coincidence? I think not! The warranty is specifically made to terminate before the machine... ever purchased an Xbox 360 for your kid and as soon as the warranty expires you get the red light of death?). If you pay less and get single items you can either return it to the store or if warranty has expired you haven't lost much. Also you still have access to the rest of your supplies.

LATTE'S EVERYDAY... Confessions of an ex-barista.....Here is my secret. It's all about Monthly planning. That is critical to your pocketbook (or if your like me, your overstuffed backpack). Go to the Grocery Store and purchase the following items. A bottle of Italian Syrup. I prefer Vanilla its sweet without being overwhelming and it is the base of almost every flavored coffee drink. Purchase a small thing of extract (your favorite flavor.. ie caramel, mint, etc.). Purchase Coffee Singles-regular not flavored- (they come in packets, and if you really want to treat yourself Starbucks now carries them... no worries treat will still save costs in the end). Get pre-packed half and half (flavored or non is okay) and pre-packed sugar or your choice of sweetening. You can grab whip cream and caramel or chocolate drizzle for those special days (when Aunt Flo is visiting). Most of your purchases will last about two months. So here's what I do..... I go drop the kids off at school and stop by the local coffee shop. I ask how much for a hot cup of water. I have never had to pay over 50 cents even at the best establishments. If they don't charge me I drop the two quarters in the tip jar. I take it to go. I am kinda bold and care not what others I just sit outside and create my drink. I add a coffee packet (1 1/2 if I need an extra boost), a shot of syrup (I carry in a small tupperware), a couple of creamers and there is my Cafe Latte. Pack a lil extract or caramel/choclate drizzle for the fancy drinks. Remember Extract is strong, don't go crazy! Now if you must have the espresso you can pay for a shot of espresso but its such a waste, the Coffee works just as well.

Tips to Steaming Milk at home...
Use a container that you can feel the heat through, not a cup. Have a dishtowel handy, the container will get hot! Use a thermometer until you can eye it. Submerge the wand in milk until temp gets about 130 or so... then gradually lower cup and raise wand to right at the surface of the milk yet a tinge below (to avoid splatter) lower cup slowly as milk rises leaving wand in the same position... that will create foam. If you have enough foam and Milk is still warming just submerge wand and continue to heat. Stop at around 150* do not go over 160*.

Espresso shots... they spoil quickly.. add them to your drink immediately!!!

Flavoring is not Rocket Science... so you want a mocha... add a little cocoa mix, you want a carmel latte... add a little carmel... you want a mint mocha... add mint and cocoa mix, etc. (don't let the fancy names on the drinks trick you, you can make your own). Key point to remember Vanilla is the base of Caramel drinks. Add a bit of Vanilla Syrup along with the carmel extract. You can use Caramel syrup but it can be a little strong.

For those Frozen Blended Drinks....
Do the same thing as the Cafe Latte.. just add ice and blend... add some pre-sweetened chocolate chips for a sugary treat.  Be careful with ice it tends to make things watery, try to find some type of powder or mixture (milkshake blend) to add thickness, so you will have to do this several times until you get your recipe just right. The key to it all is do not give up. Once you figure out how you like your drink you will be a lil' richer and whole lot happier!

Your drinks can be made to go in a thermos for those busy early mornings... but the serious coffee drinkers may need to wean themselves off the addiction to the early morning Coffee-House routine. Thus the order hot water suggestion. If you'd really like to stop all together began 1/2 caff solution. Making your drinks 1/2 decaf 1/2 caffinated, then go to decaf, then go to caffenated tea lattes (same ingredients just substitute tea), then just plain herbal tea.

Tafari izm's

What a week.... while our family was going through crisis.... Tafari was oblivious!! Children are so Awesome!! So in one week he used the toilet 2x!! Went #1 and #2 at Grandmas house!! Okay.. so your thinking who brags about CACA! Me thats who!!! I thought for sure with the Awetizm side of things I'd have to wait until he was more verbal for all of this! But Guess what!! He was verbal this week as well!!! He said "I did it!", "Grandma", and "No!"... all in one day!!! Of course he hasn't said anything since, but who cares!! He is excelling!!

(I won't mention how he stuck his finger up my nose to wake me up.... all great artists are a little twisted)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Open letter to Tray.....

Thank You

......... letter is closed now Bee-otch!!!


I was married.  You think you felt humility... he screwed my neighbor while I was hard at work doing overtime daily!  While I was paying the bills and keeping the family intact.... but, now...I don't hate him.. I'm not even mad anymore.. its over and its okay.  The bottom line is I didnt give him sex all the time.  Um are you serious?  Last time I checked I wasn't a porn star... sure I can be Jenna Jameson just as soon as you turn into Tyrese.  So now I look back.... after the hurt is gone.... after i decided I am me... I dont want to pleasure you everyday.. is that okay????? How bout I spout this ole saying.......... "Its not you, its me".... after four years of bandaging my heart and digging into my soul I realize... it must not of been you, i kept picking the same jerks, your just a casualty of my inner war.. so now its over... and finally i am okay after four years of seperation, I am okay... Do you know I've danced with the devil? You think your the first to have crushed my heart? Oh baby I've been through it with the best of the best... I have not just danced with the devil.. I've boxed with him and those who know me know...... I fought a good fight against the devil in khakis... but..I wish you luck my "husband" and and how can I hate you when you have given me the ultimate gift... I am happy to have found me. I am finally free.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sleep Apnea... Make sure you Shower First

I am super worried about my daughter!!  She spent last night at a sleep clinic getting tested for Apnea. Okay so it sounds like no big deal sleeping peacefully for 8 hours. Well you don't know my daughter then! For one, she doesn't go to bed until 3 am or so... and they want her in bed by 10! Two they told her she could bring a DVD but only watch it for 45 minutes? WTF? Um do you know a movie that lasts 45 minutes? And the worst is she has a lot of anxiety.  I feel so bad for her.  I wasn't even allowed to go and sit in the waiting room. Are you serious? I am her friggin' Mother!! That pissed me off. And I am pretty sure they took her phone because she Texts in her sleep and I've heard nothing! So I guess we are both up tonight, because I sure couldn't sleep. Well at least I can check on her in ten minutes she should be done then and on her way back here...........

Oh and they told her "Make sure you Shower First"... WTH? Who goes to the Doctor without showering!! LMFAO!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Survivor 19, Smart is Sexy...Why I love Russell and the FOA-FOA Four!

Say what you want about this guy but he is Brilliant at reading people and playing Survivor. At first I couldn't stand Russell!! He seemed cocky and arrogant. He even told the Cameras he was an Oil Tycoon who didn't need the money, didn't care about winning, he just wanted to prove he could get to the end and manipulate everyone on the island. He told everyone that he lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and had to start over.  Then he went on to state he had never even been to New Orleans to the viewing audience.  That in itself infuriated me.  But, by the third episode he had me hooked! He stated all of the above as game play.... in a game built around dishonesty he played his part. He did it to make a point that people will believe what they want to believe. He is crafty, smart, and absolutely likeable.  This guy found two hidden immunity idols without any clues!!! He was able to rally the others to rid people that were catching onto him without the rest of the Tribe even realizing it was his idea. He was able to get rid of Liz who was a strong competitor and valuable around the camp, while he does nothing at camp but search for hidden idols!

When his tribe, Foa-Foa finally came to the merge and united as one with Galu they only had four members left.  Galu had Eight!! Galu's arrogance and ignorance was built by Russell alone.  I mean honestly... do you really think they won all those challenges without Foa-Foa's help? Russell saw the advantages of being an underdog.  He handpicked the other 3 Foa-Foa players himself from the beginning.  I personally believe he had a few members on his tribe, throw challenges to lessen their numbers and create a stronger bond. Helloooooooooo Russell out ran Creepy dude and lost him in the woods so he could go back for the idol... don't get it twisted... Foa Foa is far from weak! How quickly everyone forgot how well Jaison did on the first challange.  He didn't just frantically swim out into the ocean and back.... he swam with the grace of a dolphin and the speed of a preying Shark!  Jaison also stated to the Camera he was a professional swimmer.  That was exactly the point that Russell decided to keep Jaison around.  Also, it exposed Jaison's athleticism! Russell knew at that point he was going to take this guy as far as he could and use him to his advantage. My opinion... Russell told the strong to sit back so Foa-Foa won't vote them out as a threat and Galu will get cocky, which in this game is a definite death sentence. And how about that Natalie? When Foa-Foa first got to their island Russell began pulling all the girls aside and trying to get them to join forces with him. I thought that was so typical! But that is exactly why he did it! He wanted to find out which girl would keep her mouth shut and be loyal. Okay to the average eye she looks like a little waify blond dingbat. I say BULLSHIT! This chick is tough as rocks!! Does everyone remember when she killed and friggin ate a Rat!! Who the fuck does that??? I think that was the moment Russell was like yup... shes coming with me too! Shes a rider! Don't forget after the merge when Russell had played his immunity idols he said.. he has to win the next challange and go on the next award because he knows there will be a clue to the immunity idol.  Hmmmmmm? How interesting little weak Natalie not only kicks ass to win a challenge she does this by hanging onto a swinging rope by just her ankles!!! I had to rewind it to make sure she wasn't hanging by her toes!! Also the one time that Russell was really in danger of being voted out... who convinced Galu to vote out Erick (one of their Main guys!!)... Natalie! And do you really think she was ever friends with Laura... Pleeeeeeease! That was a set-up for real. To obvious to even blog about.  Okay whose next... Mick! Um, lets not forget he's a Doctor!! Brilliant Russell, absolutely friggin' brilliant!! No wonder you are going to expose your secret of being a Millionaire to a Doctor. He can't blab about it... hes a friggin Doctor!!!! So you both have money and he thinks he's your buddy because you "confided" in him. Also lets not forget Mick may be cute but he's no dummy! Russell needed a man on his team that the girls couldn't convert with their feminine wiles! Mick is a good looking doctor, he's probably use to conniving women. Oh and lets not forget he ain't no punk!! Mick is the first Survivor member to ever be disqualified from a challenge! Mick dayum near beat Johns a** during that challenge. Jon thought he was slick with his little remarks and Mick took it to the Hood on his butt!!

Galu's Traitors... John... LOL need I say more? He was a little too late. BTW yes John I am no Rocket Scientist (lol) but even you should know your the worst kind of Sell Out. He waited until his back was up against the wall and had nothing to lose. And please.......don't believe the hype on this Shambo bit. I think Russell really likes her as a person.. but this is his game and she will go before any FOA FOA member... mark my words. I don't doubt that him and his family may visit hers after all is said and done, but as for the game, shes a wrap.

So thats my favorite Four! While most women would think Russell wasn't cute until they found out he was a Millionare... I think his brain and the evaporating gut, is making him more and more appealing! Still Surprised they are picking Galu off one by one? I'm not and Thursday is my new Favorite day!!!

(Thanks Ted for the Correction... Ben was disqualified from the competition not Mick)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Colorful Critic

Two big Movies out right now are Precious and Blindside.

Precious... I've stated my opinion on many forums, but not my own.  Don't worry I will not give away the movie.  But, I do have several suggestions.....

I suggest if you were a child victim of Sexual and/or Physical Abuse you wait for the DVD and view the movie in the privacy of your home.  If you are as sensitive as I am, I suggest you catch a Matinee with a less crowded viewing. The matinee worked perfect for me. I also suggest you read the book first (Push, by Sapphire). It's a quick read, most of it written in diary form. I read it in 4 hours. I was very happy to see the movie followed the book!

I thought it was interesting that the critics made such a big deal about Mariah Carey being dressed down and made to look "normal". Actually, she looked like the same Mariah to me. Minus the Makeup of course. She looked like the average chick who relies on Makeup to be beautiful. Looks like we caught her waking up in the morning. I also don't doubt that Mustache was hers. Monique was asked not to shave her arms for the part and Mariah is no different.

All in all it was an intense, very real, and deep movie. Leave the kids and husband/boyfriend at home... grab a girlfriend and go see Precious, but only after you've read the book!

Blindside.... I haven't seen this yet... I have mixed emotions. I am very tired of movies where Caucasians have to step in to save Black Folks. Now, don't get me wrong I love my Caucasian Friends and Family with all my heart. But, what message does this send to our kids?  I also feel being in a multi-race adopted family that I have the experience to say this. Okay so Blindside is a true story, yes.  But it is based on a True Story. Which means they change a lot of things for Hollywood. Why not change the race of the family? In our culture we have successful black families. Families that work daily, and take on the responsibility of other peoples children. Hollywood needs to respect that. Although I absolutely love Sandra Bullock (her movie, All about Steve was hilarious!!), and do not blame her, I have mixed feelings to if I will see this movie. Maybe I will wait until DVD.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Two Mums

This is my Bio-mother Darlia.  She lives in Uganda.  I am thinking about her alot today. I hope to meet her soon.

This is my Mom who raised me. Mary Ann... She Rocks!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The truth about.... Somali Pirates


So the other day me and my gurl Trenesha were hanging out.  I told her girl lets go to the movies now because my house is a hot mess! I said you know what would be the sh**? I wish I were Bewitched! Nesha looked at me funny.... I was like c'mon now I know your ass knows who bewitched is??? The sitcom chick that twinkled her nose and got what ever she wanted??? I wish I was bewitched and could twinkle my house clean! Trenesha said "Bee-otch I know who Bewitched is I just never heard a black girl say that shit before!!" BWAHAHAHAHAH... we laughed for a hot minute!! That was too funny! But then I looked her in the eye and said trick you know my mamma is white.  Anyways... it was a funny moment that you probably had to be there to get.... anyways.... The pic is me and Mary Ann. That's my mother.  I was adopted when I was a babe and she and Lee raised me.  I love her to death.  Yes we annoy the sh** out of each other.   I use to chalk that up as maybe thats because she wasn't my "real" mom.  But as i've gotten older I've realized.. it's really because we are family.  Family is suppose to annoy you right?

Monday, November 16, 2009

He told me Everything!

This morning while I was waiting for the bus with the baby something shook me up a little.  A young boy came and sat next to us.  We were the only ones at the stop.  He asked me if we missed the bus and I told him yes.  I noticed he had a Blue & White School Uniform.  Where we live you can tell the grade school by the color of the Uniform so I assumed he was in Junior High School.  Very beautiful boy.  Big brown eyes and a friendly smile.  He asks me some questions about the baby (the usual how old, is he going to daycare, etc.).  I asked him if he was on his way to Middle School (Jr. High).  He told me yes and told me what school he went to.  We talked for awhile.  He told me the buses and Routes he usually took.  He also told me what class he had first and what time he gets out of school.  We talked a bit longer and he told me his name.  I let him know he shouldn't tell people that much information and he said he never does he just saw me with my baby and knew I was a mom so it's okay.  I informed him it wasn't and to be careful he seemed like a nice boy and wouldn't want the wrong person to know that much about him.

I got on the bus and he walked to the back.  I began to think.... how much have I prepared my kids for "Stranger Danger?"  Yes they know the basics, but have I evolved the conversation to include the Pedophiles and Creeps of today.  When we were kids we knew not to get in the "Van" with the Strange looking Dude.  There were certain houses that even the boldest kid would cross the street to avoid.  The Strangers looked Strange!!! Now the Creeps are disguised as Women, Men, Adolescents, Family Members, Neighbors, etc.  It's time we as Parents Evolve as well!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why I started My Blog

Facebook has been pissing me off lately.  Definitely a love/hate relationship.  I guess I am just bored with it now.  The gaming side of it is annoying me. I have been playing MW for almost a year and have met a lot of interesting people.  But the games are no longer fun.  Which I guess is a good thing because I was in full on addiction mode.  Is there such thing as a Facebook Tweeker? Because I was seriously FaceCracked out!  I have insomnia.  I would find myself waking up at 3am and jumping online to play Mafia Wars.  It got so bad that when I would be in public I swore I'd see a MW buddy in the crowd! I know scary right?!  Even Scarier I think I hold the Record in Account Deletions.  Even Facebook tried to get rid of me! That should have been an indication that I needed help.  But noooo I would just make a new account.... again and again! And Again!!! But each time it was a little less fun.  Don't get me wrong my FaceCrack friends make me laugh so hard I cry! But then would come the 1 comment Smart Ass.  You know that person.  The person that thinks everyone wants to know their opinion....  The person that takes a joke Personally... The person whom thinks your page is their own... UGH! Annoying.  So enough with Mafia Wars... what about Sorority Life.  OMG! I actually bought glam! Whipped out the Credit Card and was buying gear for my Virtual Bitch!! WTH?! I am sitting in front of my puter in Sweats and buying this virtual bitch fly ass shit!! After a day of playing and pissed because I didnt have enough points for the Wedge Flip Flops, I decided to turn off my puter and read a book! Thank god I still knew how to Read! So now I am done. Done making new gaming accounts done starting at level 1 for the umpteenth time! I really want to just delete my Jane (Gaming) account once and for all.  The only problem is I've met so many great people.  So I will wait until Facebook breaks up with me again and then I will be free of making that decision.

So the Blog... well I have lots to say.  Which is probably why I kept getting deleted.  I've always wanted to Blog but it seemed a little Narcissistic to me.  And I am definitely not that.  I am actually quite the opposite.  I would give someone the shirt off my back without hesitation.  So I am blogging because I feel like it.  I am blogging because I like to write.  I am blogging because I think just about everything is funny.  I am blogging because I am phucking sick of Facebook.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bed Time?

So I am tired but I'm thinking this is Bullshit. It's 8:30 the babe is asleep, the 11 year old is on a camping trip, the 17 year old is at his dads, and my 23 year old is sick.  Sooooo I'm thinking "Carpe Diem"..... WTF ever... lol seize what.... Delirium? Maybe i should push the lil' boy over and be happy someone made my bed warm! Until tomorrow folks...  ;)

Awetizm Walk '09

4 am are you serious?! Yes... I am an early riser.... but... that dosen't mean I want to get out of bed!!! I am way to old for this LMAO! But I love my babies! I look at my son Tafari like a gift from god. He's Awesome! I was a wreck! Don't get me wrong... I have my weeks, months, etc. of improvement.  Get myself together... get a job, handle life... but the road is rocky and I'm on Roller Skates!!! But my kids are mine and I love them and they bring me through it, each and every one of them! They are the big stoppers at the front of your old school skates that begin to disappear as they get older but still always seem to come through and stop you before you hit the wall!!!  We will get to that later....  Awetizm walk was Awesome! It was Tafari, my mom, and me and we had a blast!! Angels Stadium Field.... are you serious???!!!!! You have to be a Sports Fan to get that! I was like "The Fan" for real... walking around in AWE... I even wanted to sneak into the dugout with nobody there and strike a pose........ LMAO! Anyways... the kids were all so beautiful! The families were out in full effect! Tafari finally got out of his stroller and ran around.  Grandma had a great time catching him! She has a great bond with him... she always questions it, but i tell her he Parallel plays with her like nobody else!! So we got to meet the boyz of AUTSPOT! Greg and Dele were great!

Well thats all for now I am tired from the mile (lol) walk!!! 1 luv! Jane (Elizabeth)