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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Confessional Turtle Boy

I confess:
  • I live in the L.A. area and because of Kobe I can't stand the Lakers (the arrogance is nauseating)
  • I redirected my son so I could take his cheetos puffs
  • I am doing great at exercising but still battling my desire to cheat eat
  • My feet look like I walked over Hot Coals
  • I couldn't find the Toenail Clippers last night so soaked then filed my toenails down
  • I am confused by the happiness in my new neighborhood. My old hood people were so negative, and rude. So now when people say hi I am not prepared for it.. it scares me.. like someone jumping out and saying boo!
  • I am super sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily.
  • I can eat like a Football Player 
  • I don't think Taye Diggs is cute He looks like a Turtle.


faerwillow said...

~always enjoy your humor and your view of your day to day! i redirect my littlest all the time to steer away from snacks he could eat forever! yesterday he even took the banana muffins and hid them from me! cheating is can not deprive yourself of the food you l♥ve...think of it a treat your earned for your effort on trying...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Noelle said...

But he is one hot turtle!!!

Oka said...

Start saying hi back, won't be long and you will be scaring them with your stalker tendencies *wink*

Lisa said...

LOL!! Now every time I see TD I will think of a turtle!

Everyone ...almost everyone speaks to you in this small town I live in so it seems rude to me when someone doesn't acknowledge you.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Oh I SO know what you mean! When I used to live in my apartment . . . No one said hi or anything . . . My neighbors are all gung-ho and always say hi . . . I think I look anti-social when it takes me a minute to respond.

Monkey Man said...

Redirecting your child to steal food....I would never do such a thing. (He lies.) Happiness should never confuse, only enlighten. Have a great weekend.

Megan said...

lol at people saying hi! I wouldn't recommend yelling boo, as they might think you are a Psychopath and have you locked up. A simple "hi" back will do! :)

Mama Wheaton said...

I love to eat as well, though I'm not a big fan of exercise. Never have been a fan of basketball so no opinion there. I like the turtle look I guess.

Danielle said...

I am so with you on the cheat eating. I need to be confessing too!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Glamazon said...

Boo! Hahaha, that is so funny. Love it. I think Taye Diggs is hot as hot, but I know he's short, so that kind of kills it for me. I mean, what are the chances of us meeting, but all I can think of is that the top of his head would only reach my boobs :)

Exercise is my fun part of the day, eating well is not my cup of tea. Now if we could just merge, we would be perfect ;)

Thanks for playing!

Kmama said...

I'm super sensitive too.

But man, I have to disagree on taye Diggs. HOT HOT HOT.

Allyson & Jere said...

Followed over from Glamazon.

I have to totally disagree on Taye Diggs. Well ok, i can see the resemblence when you put up side by sides like that. However, you MUST give him that he has one of the FINEST bodies EVER! Just sayin.

And agreed on Kobe. not just because I'm from AZ and a huge SUNS fan. What? I promise!

Java said...

Thanks for adding the button!! You are too sweet!!

Looking forward to our new friendship!!!

Brittney said...

turtle or not i think hes kinda hot! haha!!! Im overly sensitive too ill cry because someone looks at me wrong..seriously it happened at the doctors office last week! LOL!

rose said...

you bring a smile and laughter. rose

Just Breathe said...

Cute post, it was a fun read.
Really, I love Taye, he is so hot!
Have a nice weekend.

*LLUVIA* said...

LOL! I am shocked when people don't say hello here (people here are so friendly, I'm so used to it--except my neighborhood).

I don't think he's cute, either!!

danette said...

haha, the cheetos one cracked me up, I have done that too ;).

Glad your new neighborhood is friendly, hope you start to feel settled in soon :).

Reminds me of when my husband and I first started dating, he is from a small town out in the country and everyone there waves whether they know you or not. Even while driving. I was confused and wondering if ppl had me mixed up with someone else until dh explained it to me :).

riversnake said...

What!?! I'm usually not into the typical Hollywood hunks but I have to disagee with you on Taye! IMHO he is the epitome of beauty in a man.

... that said, and it pains me to admit this, in the picture you have of him he does quasi resemble a turtle. Especially sporting the specs :)