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My Blog is about many things, adult adoptee, autism, family, laughter, and love, feel free to follow me on my journey, and look through my archives. It takes more than one subject to define me or my family. We are a mixture of a bit of everything!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Computer Bath

My Computer is getting a bath....
My tween crashed her...

I will be up in running within a week....
Missin' my blog family!
Feel free to email me,

leave nice comments,
(i will be checkin' in)

and Cruise my Blog
to read Older Posts!

See Ya Soon,


P.S. will be visiting people who've
commented when my puter is
up and running

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I meant to say Ho*

What I said:

You can be with her, 
I am throwing all your crap in the Alley!

She can have that too! 
I am gonna hold my head up high,
  but just know this, Karma's a Bitch!

What I meant to say:

*Please note I do not discriminate against ho's, please enter the race in chorus as needed.... African American, Latina, Ethiopian, Arabic, and Asian whatever Nationality Skanky Hooooooooooooo's! 

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What I meant to say Wednesdays! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday's Muse on Tuesday... Desiree'


Me and my Cousins, Dez has dark hair on the right.

My Muse is my Cousin Desiree'. We call her Dez. She is one of the most awesome people you will ever meet!! I am so fortunate to have her in my life... and as a cousin...psssh it could get no betta!! She is so down to earth and so sweet. She has a great head on her shoulders and is practical without being demeaning. She gives great advice without belittling. I've never heard her say she "hates" anyone. I think the worst was an inaudible sigh... the kind where your not sure if you've heard anything wrong. Actually her sisters are the same. Erica (sitting on the left with the blond curls) and Coralie... they were a true pleasure to play with. Even in her late teens when I'd try to coerce Dez to the Dark Side.. she would wake up like everyday was a new one and continue to focus on being the best she could be. 

She is an Awesome Mother.

She is raising her girls to be just as Awesome! Her Children are so polite and so sweet! I just love these girls! The thing I like about Dez is she never lets the B.S. get to her. She will probably laugh at that. But seriously, it's true. She has that Cry for a second and then move the hell on attitude. When she abruptly became a single parent (in not so nice of a way), she dusted her self off and eased into the role that I, after years, am still trying to figure out! 

Dez, Dezi, Desiree' I luv you and am proud you are my Cousin and one of my Bestest Friends!
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Monday, January 25, 2010


Man Dealbreakers

 1. High Waisted Pants

 2. If you excuse Kanye or Chris Brown's actions
(are they even allowed in the same room?)

 3. If you have any type of Drama!

4. If you carry a Man-Purse
(sorry Supah, it just ain't right) 

5. If you Drink and Drive and are a Racist

6. If you like Pat Robertson

7. If you don't know how to listen

 8. If you don't respect my once a month Mood Swings
(c'mon now 98% of the time I'm a fun chick!)

9. If your Prettier Than me
(Antonio Banderas: you are usually just sexy, 
but sometimes your down right beautiful)

10. If you lick your lips 100x a day like L.L. Cool J
(Its not sexy to me, 
all i can think of is the smell of dry spit)

What is Sexy L.L. Cool J. is when you do this....

Those Lips look Delish!!!

Autspot and Bubba Gumps!

Sunday was an Awesome day! It was a family filled day of fun, knowledge, and support for my Autistic son, Tafari. A.K.A. "The Terror"! Our family split up to attend two seperate events. My daughter, The Terror, and I went to an Autspot Event in Venice Beach. My Parents went to the Grandparents of Autism 101 Class in Los Angeles hosted by Autism Speaks . When we were finished we all met at Bubba Gumps to celebrate three birthdays... My Dad, The Terror, mine are all within a week of each other. The day was a blast! Here's some pics of our Family Fun! I actually let someone take one pic of me and of course there is Tarter Sauce on the side of my mouth.. oh well the food was Delish! I even got up and danced when they came and sang Happy Birthday. My dad tried to hold the baby so he could hide but I told him no he needed to shake what his mamma gave him!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skinny Six Word Saturday

Cruel, All My Sisters Skinny Bee-otches!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Umbrella People

ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog

Let me start off by saying… I can’t stand Umbrellas!! Maybe... it’s the City girl in me. I don’t really know. I just  want to get where I am going, and fast! Umbrella’s hinder that. 

Or should I say the lame a$$e$ that carry them! 

Why must you poke me? Why do you think...

You+Umbrella= The Whole Damn Sidewalk??!!! 

Seriously… did you not see my Solo a$$ scurrying along the sidewalk, in my lane might I add????? 

Nooooo, you have to interrupt my portion of the Walk way, Jab me ruthlessly, and then keep on walking like I invaded your space!! 

What’s even worse… are those inconsiderate jerks that  dayum near take your eye out, then turn and inspect their Umbrella while you obviously need medical attention!! WTH?!!

Umbrella: I do not like you! 
Umbrella People: I dislike you even more!

Now I know how bikers feel in the bike lane. It’s like Cars have the whole dang Highway and you really need to intrude on a tiny path that’s not yours? WTH?!!

Sometimes, just sometimes in a dreadful downpour a little shelter is okay... just when you think Umbrella People are inconsiderate and selfish they suprise you.  You know the ones..those folks that say... “Oh dear you are getting soaked would you like to share my Umbrella?” Nice right? WRONG!!!

How is this sharing when they proceed to hog the whole dayum thing, jab you repeatedly, and then not even walk you to your destination.. it usually ends with.. “oh here’s my car, good luck stay dry!” WTH??? It reminds me of those people that honk and wave when you are walking down the street. Seriously... no offer for a ride? I'd rather you pretend you didn't see me then honk and wave!

Umbrella’s in the City Suck. They definitely need a designated A$$hole with an Umbrella Lane or a Special "I'm a Jerk" Sidewalk.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comments Are Posts!

Sometimes when you Comment do you ever feel...SHYT! 
That should of been a post!! 

Well I luv...
(not a stalker... well kind of, she's just so darn sweet) 
SupahMommy  because SHE ROCKS!!!

So her question today was "Why do you blog"? 

My Answer: 

If I don't Blog I see the world of Motherhood as fake. I see everyone around me in their perfect houses with their perfect lifes (lies)... and I feel less than. Then I found this whole new world, where Moms come together and...
gather stories of love, laughter, 
freedom, and loss and we connect.. 
and the lies of "perfect" woman/mother
are like....
raindrops on the windshield...
swept away by reality, 
that we will not drown, 
we are okay, 
we are real... 
That Is why I Blog.

Please visit Supah it's always worth it!