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Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Warriors #11


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There are no rules...(feel free to post an old or new post!)
This meme is for both Special Needs and Non-Special Needs Families
Educate yourself and your children about ours
this will run through the whole weekend
(Friday evening posted by 9pm PST
thru Noon Monday, PST )
so that Special Needs Families
will have time to participate..
we never know what any day is going to be like..

This weeks Question:
 Why do you think there is a lack of participation in Special Needs Meme's?
(Thanks Angel for talking me into not giving up on this Meme) 

My Post:
My Answer to this Weeks Question:
I think people are quick to move on if something doesn't affect them directly. I think people tend to look at the "right now" and don't want to step out of their comfort zone. I don't think people truly understand that this can happen to you or your family at anytime. I don't think people realize that just by being pregnant your child is at risk. Just look at the statistics for Childhood Cancer, Autism/Aspergers, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Deaf/Blind etc.
Why wouldn't you want to educate yourself now? 
My Non-Special Needs friends do!

My Tip of the day:
Education really is the key

My Friend Rina & Tafari

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Kmama said...

Buster is probably considered Special Needs, but I don't really consider himself to be.

I always really thought the meme was for those that were special needs.

Java said...


Thanks for visiting and for joining the Over 40 Bloggers Club!!

I'm adding you to the list right now!

I'm also following you now! :)

Have a great weekend!

ClosedOnSunday said...

When I was in high school I babysat a boy with Autism & we used to love trampoline time! That picture brought back some awesome memories!!

rose said...

your pics are always heartwarming. have a good weekend. rose

Unknown Mami said...

That is such a joyful picture. I love it.

singedwingangel said...

I love that pic.. I have hopped onyour bandwagon hun and am tweeting the heck out of ya lol.. Vlog will be up tonight...

ClosedOnSunday said...

That's too funny!

Last week was crazy & I didn't get a chance to post for Weekend Warriors, which I felt really bad about. I don't know how much my posts go along with the theme, but I enjoy doing it. Thanks so much for not kicking me out of the club! Lmao!

Life with Kaishon said...

This picture is my absolute favorite. Wow. I love it. Made my day!