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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thunks Baby Mop

1. Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself?

 I get one hour a day to think of myself and that's during my morning walk. Which is spent most of the time thinking of the kids appts, meals, and weekend plans. So I really spend that hour trying to think of myself but failing. However just taking the walk is thinking of myself so maybe I need to give my self a little credit!

2. Where's your picket fence?

3. With a big smile on your face, you do what?

 get abused during my Autistic Son's Meltdowns... and i mean ABUSED!

4. If I was to walk up to you, you'd do what?

   You know.... the whole Stranger Danger thingy!

5. The list goes on and on. What list?

6. Does every rose have a thorn or does every thorn have a rose?

 After much research I would say Every Thorn carries a possible infection. Google it.

7. Talk dirty to me. What kind of mop/vacuum/dust thingymabob do you use?

8. Your Mamma don't _______ and your Daddy don't _______.
(I'm tryna quit, ugh!)

9. Ever had a suitcase packed by your feet, and if so where were you going?

Decade of the 90's...Every other weekend Taking son Across the Bay Bridge to visit Dad.

10. Have you ever ridden in a limousine?

 I did and didn't like it. It was the only time I ever was carsick! Could it have been the full bar in the Limo? Possibly.

11. I went to bed too soon and got up to ____?

(yeah i know, i can't stop using this powder donut coma pic, LOL!)

12. "And this last mile I travel with you ", to where?


Monkey Man said...

Love the images...mop is awesome. My mom used to give us kids towels to slide across the hardwood floors on - smart one, she was. You got me all hungry with the Chronic Tacos pic. I like em hot. Great memes.

faerwillow said...

~hey now...i thought you said your goodbyes to the taco haven!! just jokin...i l♥ved your day at a time...i hear ya and feel ya...right there with you...they put a dollar tax on them here per pack so a carton was once 40 is now 50.00...crazy but a good incentive to quit, among many many other reasons...i support you and wish you much strength and can do it! much l♥ve and light to you...brightest blessings~

Meeko Fabulous said...

I've been to Chronic Tacos! It was actually alright!

Lisa said...

That's it! I have to have one of those mop suit thingys for Drex!!

That bridge is terrifying to me!
I don't like bridges. period. I rode to Key West once and I was a nervous wreck. *shudders*

"Grumpy" said...

Cute mop! And you totally are thinking of yourself with the walk! It's very important to stay healthy, because then you'll be around longer to think of other people lol =]

Have a wonderful weekend!

Becca said...

Great answers and I do not like bridges, either! Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

how fun to get to learn more about you..

Happy Thursday...

I am Harriet said...

Loved the images. Hang in there :)

Have a great day!

riversnake said...

Seriously, Jane, you missed your calling in life as a comedian! I always laugh my a$$ off when I read your posts!

Love the mop picture. Teach them how to work early in life so when they get older Mama don't have to! That is the whole reason our species procreates, right? :)


Unknown Mami said...

Cleaning the house is always on my list. I'm sick of it.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Good luck with the quit! I quit 6 years ago. It's tough...

Kmama said...

LOL I love that you would run away!! Cracked me up.

Oka said...

I still love the donut coma pic :D

Aunt Juicebox said...

I just saw an episode of Diners, Drive ins and Dives that had a restaurant from Long Beach and it made me think of you! The food didn't look that great though. lol