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My Blog is about many things, adult adoptee, autism, family, laughter, and love, feel free to follow me on my journey, and look through my archives. It takes more than one subject to define me or my family. We are a mixture of a bit of everything!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank you Java!

I got a new award from Java @ Never Growing Old.
I love her blog! 
I just stumbled on it last week and she Rocks!
She also has a fab Follow Friday 40 and over....

Per her instructions, I am to write 10 things that I love.  
Then I will pass it on to 10 great bloggy buddies.
  • God
  • My Kids
  • Parents & Family
  • Onion Rings
  • Beer
  • Books
  • Peanut Butter
  • The City
  • The Autspot (
  • Being Single
        Now I get to pass on this award to 10 wonderful bloggers....some I've recently started following, others I've been a fan of for a while.   If your not on the worries!  I'll get you next time! Also feel free to go to my Awards Cloud on my page and grab my YOU ROCK Award.   

        Thanks again Java!


        Evonne said...

        Mmmm... onion rings! I'm hungry.

        Congrats on the award1

        Mama Wheaton said...

        Peanutbutter makes everything better!

        Java said...

        Awwww thanks Jane!! You are too sweet!! You sure did make me smile when I saw this! I'm so glad I met you!!!
        Thank you for the You Rock award! I'm honored!!! I posted it proudly on my sidebar!!

        ((Hugs)) to you!!!

        Amy said...

        thanks for adding me along to this. I did a post kind of like this one if you want to check it out..

        Peanut Butter is the best buddy ever..

        Monkey Man said...

        Onion rings and peanut butter....hmmmm. Not as good as onion rings and beer, but maybe I'll give it a try. Congrats on the award.

        blueviolet said...

        Thank you for including me, my sweet friend!!! (I didn't know you were single. I'm about to join you there.)

        ClosedOnSunday said...

        Congrats! And welcome back!

        Kristine said...

        Hi...nice blog you have here. I am following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday! See you soon! (c:

        Debbie said...

        Anybody that likes onion rings is OK in my book:)

        Katie's Dailies said...

        Just found you from another blog, and I must say you have a beautiful little boy!

        Congratulations on your award! Isn't Java one of the nicest people?

        Stacie said...

        Congrats on your award!

        Le Chateau des fleurs said...

        Congrats! I love your list :)
        Happy Tuesday Follow. Come say hi!


        faerwillow said...

        ~a perfect award for you!! i l♥ve coming over not ever knowing what to expect...always something good to be read! thank you so for thinking of me...and onion rings and beer...right up my alley! wishing you and yours a wonderful day...brightest blessings~

        Erin said...

        Thanks! I don't know when I'll get to post it because my computers are all jacked up right now! I'm so jealous you were in the Bay Area! I grew up in between Pleasanton and Fremont. I miss it and haven't been home in three years. We went about three weeks before Colby's stroke to the Alameda County Fair.