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Monday, June 28, 2010

STBM I just texted you

My Tween Iz and his friends:
"Why you not call man?"
"I just texted Fernando dude, chill out!"

Those two sentences are like nails on a chalkboard to me. Why you not call man? What kind of sentence is that? That alone proves my theory School should still be in session! Also I just "texted"...It's text. I just texted you... that means nothing!! nothing!! nothing!!!! It's like nails on a chalkboard!!

Iz deep in the Fridge...

Iz: "Mom there's no food!" 
Me: "There is a whole kitchen full of food!"
Iz: "Nothing I like, I'm starving!"
I give Iz "the look"
Iz: "I know, I know there are babies starving in Africa"
Me: "There are babies starving in Africa, and you don't know what Hungry is kid!"
Iz: "C'mon mom, I'm tired of hearing that, when's the last time you were in Africa?"
Me: "When I was a baby starving, Smart Ass!!"

I wake up to a notice taped on my door...

This is your Bus Driver. Will pick Tafari up at 8:09am and return him at 1:32pm. Summer School begins Monday!

I do the happy dance all over the Apartment!

Iz asks to see the note, I give it to him.

Iz: Mom stop dancing.
Me: Don't Hate cuz I got the moves!
Iz: No really Mom, stop dancing
Me: Watchu know about the Cabbage Patch, Running Man, & The White Girl (Molly Ringwalds dance in The Breakfast Club), and I do each dance like an 80's pro!
Iz: No Mom, really... stop dancing!!
Me: When I'm tired.... I still got it! (really I'm huffing, puffing, and sweating)
Iz shoves the notice towards me and says: Read the bottom!
Bottom of note: Summer School is four weeks long.
Me: WTH?? Four Weeks!! But regular School isn't back in session until September!
Iz: I'm glad I don't have Summer School.
Me: Go to your room!
Iz: Why?
Me: Because there are children starving in Africa. 


blueviolet said...

That cracked me up! You're hilarious!

Beth in NC said...

Ha! You're a hoot. I think a youtube of you dancing is in order. :o)

Elise said...

That was vey funny.

Mama Wheaton said...

School has been out a month and the boys are bored already. I just put to of them in a week long wrestling camp just to kill some time. 2 months and counting.

KrzyKron said...

I agree with Beth in NC, I think we need a youtube video. :)

Brittney said...

LMFAO!!! too funny!!!

ClosedOnSunday said...

Go to your room because there are children starving in Africa. Hahaha! That was too funny.

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Lol. My daughter will correct us but her stats on fb grrrrr! I told her that she's going to have to write a paper one day and not know how to spell. My son summer school ends Wednesday.

Miss. Candy said...

Sometimes I think it is a losing battle, but I keep fighting them on grammer as well!!!!

Shell said...


Yes, send 'em back!

singedwingangel said...

I demand a video of your dancing skillz * ha did it on purpose lol... and Ihear ya only I don't have summer school here.. *sighs

Christy said...

I remember those days when my children were gone for short periods of time every day. What heaven! The luster of not having to get up early every morning wears off very quickly when THEY NEVER GO AWAY!

Amy said...

those are too funny.. I can't text very well my phone is yucky.. Have a great day..

Brittany Ciara said...

I'm with Angel! We want a dancing video! :D

I loved it though!! Too funny! :D

Mama Zen said...

Oh, I hate the "nothing to eat" routine. HATE it.

LL Cool Joe said...

My kids have 9 weeks off during the summer. I'm thinking of killing myself now.

*LLUVIA* said...


That was awesome!!!!

Ted Strutz said...

Pretty funny... 'stop dancing'... you won't be so happy when you reread this... I could only picture Snoopy doing his dance when I read this...

The Literary Sensation of Last Year TedBook is Back! I may have to ask Chandler to do a guest appearance sometime.

Gnetch said...

Haha. That was so cute. You were really dancing??

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

OMG. This was funnnnnnay! "When I was a starving baby in Africa." Best. Line. Ever.

LoveLivesHere said...

I'm your newest follower! Would love if you'd check me out and take a few seconds to vote for my niece and nephew in a cloth diaper photo contest! Links on my blog post today :)

FUNNY post. I love your blog!

Marla said...


Wendal said...

Haha. My ribs still ache. Go back to your room. Why? Because there's kids starving in Africa.