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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little Stressed

I knew this month would be fun, but stressful. 

The first weekend of June I went to meet another Autism Family that I met through The Autspot. I posted pics yesterday, we had a blast. This Sunday is the TACA picnic. I've stated before I am not a huge supporter of Autism Speaks or TACA, but I am big on meeting new families on the Spectrum and participating in Autism Awareness events. The Following Saturday I asked The Autspot to join forces with me and I planned an Autism Picnic at the park near my home so that Local families on the Spectrum can meet and find support within the community. The following Saturday (last Saturday in June) I am having a Lemonade Stand (with help from Lemonade4Autism) to raise money for an Adult Aspergers Woman who wants to move back to Ohio, and for The Autspot (an online community for families on the Spectrum).


The picnic has me slightly nervous because my flyer calls for RSVP's. I've begun to realize people just don't RSVP anymore! I've gotten a lot of  "oh that sounds good", "hmmm sounds fun", "we will try to make it". That is not an RSVP folks! I need to figure out food!! It's totally stressing me out. I gave flyers to 4 Autism Classrooms, posted flyers on a local online Autism forum, handed some at Events, and gave a few to friends with Autistic families. So far I have 4 families confirmed and a million "oh gee sounds fun". So, how much food do I order? Is the Jumper, a coloring table, food, and the ability to meet other families in your area enough for activities? I only put a three hour timeline.. 12-3 and if all works out, i'd like to make it an annual event with an extended time limit. Well the good thing is, I was able to get a bunch of donations from Authors, Friends, & Family to provide an Awesome Gift Basket for our free Raffle. 


The Lemonade Stand should be fairly smooth (crossing fingers). It should be a really hot day, and on hot days Lemonade usually sells itself. I just hope people are buying! I've worked so hard on the donations for the picnic I feel a little funny going back out again for donations for the Lemonade Stand. So I'm gonna put that one in gods hands too.

I'm just a little Stressed. It will all work itself out and I will probably have lovely pics to post.

Pray for me! If you don't pray, burn a little Sage! If you don't pray or burn Sage think of me on those days and send me mental well wishes... i will need it!


singedwingangel said...

HOly cow woman, take a breath, in and out.. I wish I could come help ya out.. Oh I hear ya on the RSVP thing.. drives me batty. Then you don't make a lot and a ton of people show up and you are left going aAGGHH

faerwillow said...

~holy cow is right...sending good thoughts your will all work out and be wonderful events!! you amaze me with your dedication and thoughts and care you have for reaching out to are a light that shines bright in this world!! warm wishes and brightest blessings upon you always...just remember to breath inbetween~

Oka said...

I'd be there if I lived even remotely close...have you considered using food items you could return if you don't use???

blueviolet said...

I'd be crazy stressed. I think you're handling it all with grace and style!

Kmama said...

I hate the RSVP thing too. I'm so sorry it's stressing you out. What is your budget for food? I would go halfway between the max you think would attend and the min, if it fits in your food budget.

The Random Blogette said...

Wow! You are taking a lot on! Good luck with all of this. And you are right, people do not RSVP anymore. It is so disrespectful.

rose said...

you have so much on your plate try to slow down i admire for what you are doing. thanks for the award. i saw it, but i'm still a babe and having some problems transferring buttons/ awards. thanks. to share, i have been doing vol. time with an adult aspergers woman. I've become a mom and there is alot going on with her. I've been doing this for a year and will continue. like you, i like to reach out to people. things can get nutty, but will work out. god bless rose

*LLUVIA* said...

RSVP etiquette is long gone, I'm afraid!

Take a little break. Sounds like you're doing too much.

ClosedOnSunday said...

I'm sometimes guilty of not RSVPing, & I always feel terrible about it.

In my house we can both say a prayer & burn some sage for you (we're a little discombobulated, I know) hoping that everything goes smoothly.

Even if there are a few bumps in the road, I know it'll all be worth it in the end. Good luck!