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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Autism Walk 2010

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Team Tafari needs donations 
(also known as Team Terror)
for April 2010 Autism Walk

Its that time again. We are walking for Autism. We had a great time last year walking in Anaheim. This April we will be walking in Los Angeles. Well, more like Pasadena. At the Rose Bowl. We had such a fun time walking last year. They also had activities for the kids. Tafari had so much fun.  I was a little unprepared at the last walk. It was our first one. However, we did raise $250.00 for Autism. That was great!! I am hoping to achieve and exceed that goal this time. Also, I was unaware that people made T-shirts. We certainly didn't look as cool as everyone else. But we had an awesome time! Here are a few pics of our day.

There were groups of Teenagers and Siblings spread through the crowd with Signs. I thought that was really Awesome! I love when Children who don't have special needs are Educated and Aware! It's positively Enlightening! These Kids stood out there for most of the day with hand made signs and banners!

AutSpot Booth

 These Guys Rock! They are so Awesome. Please take time to read their about us section on their site. You will not be disappointed. They have a heart of Gold and are doing a really great Service to Autism Families all over the Globe. We had a great time at their booth! I am glad my son was too young to want a goldfish though.

Another Booth my son really liked....
I was sad I lost the Brochure, they were good people.

Grandma Supports her Grandson.. here we go, the walk begins!!
We did it! We Finished!!!

Now its time for April 24th Walk!!

Please Support


cat said...

HI there - good to meet you. Wish I could support you in more than words, but our money is worth nothing. Good luck! I also love Survivor - we are just so way behind on seasons.

blueviolet said...

That's so great that you all made it and what a worthy cause!

Adoption Of Jane Ug-LBC said...

Thanks y'all... and Cat your words are worth everything! It's a rough time for everyone!

Robin said...

What a great event, I wish we had one like it here.

Shell said...

What a great cause! Good luck this year!

Peterson Family said...

Great cause! We do a lot to support local groups working with Autistic children. (My 3 year old nephew is autistic!)