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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Mayhem Write That Headline!

Join Monday Mayhem  to Re-Write your Headlines!

Israeli cult leader charged with enslavement, rape

My 7 word Headline:

Taking Phrase "Baby Daddy" To Another Level

Greek PM slams European Union amid crisis

 My 7 Word Headline:

Ho Gave me Pleasure I announced Measures


Officials: Don't sweat the warm weather

My 6 Word Headline:

See Why Black Folk Dont Ski?

Carnie Wilson: I need help

Your 5 word Headline: 

Gastric Bypass Doesn't Cure Stupidity

Teen suspected of approaching Olympics air space in stolen plane


Your 10 Word Headline:

 Olympics, Stolen Plane... 
No Terrorist Charge...Nice to be White.

Has John Mayer been scared Tweetless?


My 6 word Headline:
Sexual Napalm, wish you'd blown up

Plans unveiled for world's largest yacht 


Your 6 word Headline:
Touring Poor Countries With No Shame


Peterson Family said...

LMAO...John Mayer just needed to shut up and play his guitar. Running his mouth has made him look like a racist and an idiot. Oh wait..those describe the same kind of people!

Thom said...

I love the last headline and the John Mayer one is perfect. Well done on all of them my friend.

Daffy said...

I like living under my rock then I don't have to be disgusted at all the crap that makes in into the headlines.

Lady with Rose Colored Glasses? Your table is ready....

I am Harriet said...

"Gastric Bypass Doesn't Cure Stupidity"- good one!

Thanks for playing.

Lisa said...

I haven't heard half these headlines til I got to your blog...that's a miracle since my hubby has news on almost 24-7.
That yacht looks all James Bondish.

shydub said...

LOL, I like the "why blackfolks don't ski" wooo nice healdines yo.

Miss. Candy said...

I need to get my best friend Michalene to ski now, we are breaking the sterotypes with her. lol! I got her to swim with stingrays in the Caribbean a few years ago when she traveled with my family..she said, "Have you ever heard of a black person getting attacked by sharks? No, because we stay our black ass out of the water!" BUT she did it and we have pictures to prove it, I think that you just gave me a new challenge for my almost 70 year old friend!!!

prashant said...

Well done on all of them my friend.

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