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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend Warriors Meme #3

There are no rules...(feel free to post an old or new post!) 
this will run through the whole weekend
(Friday evening posted by 9pm PST
thru Noon Monday, PST )
so that Special Needs Families
will have time to participate..
we never know what any day is going to be like..
~Non-Special Needs Linkers ask us a question, 
email to have 
your questions posted the following week...
link us, love our children, and most of all 

teach your children how to befriend ours~

Non-Special Needs 

Aunties, Uncles, Neighbors, OT's, ABA's & Families
Email me Three Questions that I will post next week

(ex. how do you feel about your child riding the Short Bus?, 
I say short bus not to poke fun, but to open up correct lingo and 
take the power out of tacky words),
Post a pic of your Child with
A Special Person in their Lives,
Post an interaction you had this week,
Something new you've learned, etc
 Let us know One thing you will do this month
to teach your Child about Ours.

Special Needs Persons & Families

Post A Pic

Link an old post or your current post
Choose to Answer Questions 

Post how your Week/Weekend went
What are your plans this Weekend,
vent, share, love, and laugh..
you and your family are valued here!

This is not a forum stating "my way or the highway"
please be respectful, discuss your experiences only.

This is not a forum to debate.
So lets gather and share our Experiences! 

This weeks Questions:
a. When did you first suspect that your child was on the Autism spectrum
b. What's the best advice that you have for parents whose newborns 
and/or young children diagnosed with some sort of challenge?
c.Who has been the most helpful in your journey with your child?  
This Weekend Warrior I chose to 
answer one of the questions:

When did you first suspect that your child was on the Autism spectrum

My daughter has 2 cousins on her fathers side whom have Autism. So, she knew right away. I kind of pushed the thought to the side because it was one of those things we as mothers tend to do. You know when people that don't have kids start talking or preaching to us all we hear is *insert Charlie Brown's Teachers voice*. Also being a mother of four, I am very aware how kids sharpen skills at different ages. So I wasn't to worried until he wasn't talking. He wasn't asking for his bottle (ba ba ba), Nada. Also he was really chubby when he was an infant. We nicknamed him Fat-Fat. I thought the reason he wasn't walking yet was because he was lazy. Finally I noticed the difference when I'd pick him up from Daycare. All the other kids would be Stumbling around, saying a few words, and this one lil' show off even made a Sentence!!! My son was satisfied playing in the corner with a Lego or Ball and all the other kids were playing together...Yup, it was time to get my son tested. He had just turned Two when he was finally diagnosed.


Jane's tip of the day... 
Take one day out of the week for the 
child in your family's life who does not have 
Special Needs. Take them to Dinner or a Movie, or 
someplace inexpensive. Talk to them. Find out what is going on in their life. Sometimes we spend so much time with our Special Needs kids that we are unaware of issues our other Children have. I've been guilty of that and have implemented this new day into our household schedule.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thank you for asking me to link up my autism awareness post to your blog! Here it is:

I really enjoyed your post today. Here are my answers to your questions:

a. When did you first suspect that your child was on the Autism spectrum?
- We actually thought our son had speech delay and knew nothing about autism. He was two years old when we had early intervention come to evaluate him for speech. They then had a specialist come back to test him for autism. It was quite a surprise!

b. What's the best advice that you have for parents whose newborns
and/or young children diagnosed with some sort of challenge?
- Laugh often. There are many difficult, stressful days ahead of you and the only way to get through them is to find some humor throughout the day and laugh with your spouse, your children, your friends. It truly lightens the load on your shoulders.

c.Who has been the most helpful in your journey with your child?
- Wow. There have been so many people who have touched our lives; therapists, teachers, other parents with special needs, friends at church. If I had to choose only one person, I would say my husband. There have been so many days when I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up, nights I've gone to bed crying and thinking I was a terrible mom. But through all of that, my hubby helped me laugh, encouraged me, gave me breaks for Girls Night Out so I could de-stress, and has continually told me he loved me & that I was an awesome mom and wife. I don't think I would have successfully made it through this journey without him by my side.

Thanks again for the post. It was really nice to reflect on the questions and remember all the people I've met through this journey called autism.

Lisa said...

I love the tip of the day. T is so very pretty to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jane. I hope you don't mind that I'm commenting here about your update. I am sooooo glad you're pressing charges. That's absolutely what needs to be done! And who the @*)(# would think you want to "talk" to the parents????? Really. I wouldn't. I am absolutely infuriated that the school did not call police, and am I understanding that they gave the monster a suspension in school???

Mama Wheaton said...

I need to spend more one on one time with my kids, life just gets busy and I forget to give them that personal attention. Thanks for the reminder.

otin said...

Autism is so common these days. It breaks my heart to hear some of the stories and it can also be inspirational to see how people deal with it.

Have a Happy Easter!

Kmama said...

It's hard for me to find time to spend alone time with my kids. I can't imagine how difficult it would be with a child with special needs...but I realize that it's very important. What a great tip to leave on your blog!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I used to babysit a little guy who I found out last year is autistic. I always thought there was something going on with him even as an infant. His mom ended up quitting her job and then moved to another state so I never knew til now what happened to him. She had two more sons after that and one of them is also autistic.

Amy said...

I wanted to say Thanks for opening my eyes to a great cause.. I did a post for you today.. Thanks..