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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letter to The School District

This is regarding last nights Post. What do y'all think?
(may need editing) 
I was going to add copies to Principal, Vice Principal, 
Mr. Tagorda, and the Newspaper... or should I leave the Newspaper out of it for now?

Christopher J. Steinhauser, Superintendent of Schools
RE: Vicious attack on Islaam (last name)

Police Reprt: *number*
Attacker: Jonason (last name)
Victim: Islaam (last name)

School: Jefferson Middle School

I am sad to say that after school, April 1st 2010 my son was the victim of a Brutal Attack. He was jumped on his way home from School. I had to rush him to the ER. My main concern was Brain Injury. He played Quarterback for Pop Warner for many years and has had numerous Cat Scans. We filed a Police Report at the Emergency Room. My son, Islaam was afraid to tell them the name of the boy in fear of further attacks. The doctor said 1/8 th inch closer to his eye and he would have probably gone blind. They found the group of kids, apparently one of the boys jumped out of nowhere and blindsided my son and took free licks. I went to his school and they had already found him and gave the boy in school suspension. The boy admitted to attacking my son for no reason. He stated Islaam had done nothing he just “felt like it”.  I was livid that this boy was still in school sitting in in-school suspension when he had committed a crime. I stated I want the LBPD here and I want this kid Arrested and in Juvie. So Police came took statements from all the kids. Of course at the site of the Police, these tough little boys almost wet themselves... the boys own friends turned on him and said that the kid blindsided Islaam and socked him for no reason. I stayed at the school for 4 hours.. I wasn't leaving until that deliquent was in handcuffs! The Safety Officer came in to talk to us and took a Statement. Coach Lee and Assistant Principal Mr. Curran stayed by our side and contacted the police and filed necessary reports.
During Spring Break, the same kid that brutalized my son had his cousin and friends follow my son and his friends home 2 blocks from the Burger Stand. He can't even get a  Burger!! It's taken me this long to get my son to go outside again!! My son was to terrified to make a police report. He stated nobody could help him not even the school and it would only make matters worse. Do you blame him?
I immediately took my son out of school. There were only two days until Spring Break so I contacted the District Office to see about an immediate transfer. The lady at the office stated I needed to speak to the School first.
I spoke to Mr. Curran and he said that they do have something called an Administrative Special Transfer. So I called Tincher (the school my youngest goes to) and was told that I shouldn’t be calling the School has to call. I was also told they don’t have openings. So I called  the Principal of my sons school, Mrs. Clark. She stated "I'm sorry but I've called in all my favors for the School year". Um excuse me but my son is not a favor". She recanted real quick and said "oh no thats not what I meant, it's just that we can only do so many transfers a year, and we Principals use them for expelled Children." I told her... so what your telling me is that you just shuffle the bad kids back and forth from school to school and the Victims are left out in the open to be attacked again??? She also stated even her neighbor had witnessed the brutal attack of my son. I stated my son will not be returning to Jefferson.
I called the person in charge of Homeschooling at LBSUD (the number I was given by District Secretary) I was told its too late in the year to Homeschool or Independent Study. I immediately called Robert Tagorda Administrative Assistant (I thought he was the Superintendent) of LBUSD and repeated the whole thing. He tells me... I just got a call about this from Mrs. Clark. He told me that it is too late in the School Year to Transfer but he wouldnt have a problem signing an out of district transfer. Also the out of district transfer is subject to approval only by that district.
I get a call from the Vice Principal. He tells me your son has been out of school 3 days and he needs to return now (minus spring break). I tell him I am not sending my son back to that school! I am informed that I am in violation of the law if I dont. Seriously? ... now the law matters????

Thursday (last week) I am forced to send my son back to school. My mom who lives 20min away comes to pick him up and drop him off back home daily to insure his safety. Monday I ask my son to take out the trash. He begs me to let him do it the next day. I thought he was being a bratty  tween and told him take out the damn trash!! He looks like he is gonna cry.. I chalk it up to boy cramps and tell him after his shower but can you check the mail. He is shaking. I asked him if he is okay and he says I'm fine. I told him go to bed you may be sick. Tuesday, my Tween plays with his brother all day <---- now I'm concerned. He speaks to nobody else. I allow him to go to his friend Fernando's house (the boy who helped him to safety after the incident) in hopes he will cheer up. He gets a ride to and from there. He came home looking like a ghost. I asked him what the hell is going on. He tells me Fernando's dad and Fernando brought him in the house because the kid and his cousins were circling the house on Beach Cruisers. Older kids. I told him baby we gotta file a report. My son says why? The Police and the School won't help us. What can I say.... he's right.  So, I just keep documenting for when we appear in court to testify. My son has to go to school in this community and he is seriously distraught.

Today, my son comes home (he's losing weight) and I just cry. He looks like death. He looks frail and shaken. He tells me the kid, his cousin, and their friends all rode up to the his School (remember the kid is supposedly expelled) looking for him. He tells me they have been doing this all week. My daughter got him in the car and brought him home. 

I call the School. They know about it. I asked if they called the Police.. No! I asked what the heck are they doing about this kid. They said he is off home arrest and didn't come into the school so all they can do is file a report for with the School Safety Officer... Tomorrow!! Once again I said my son isn't coming back to this school!

So Now I am asking for an Immediate School Transfer! I want him in my other son’s school at Tincher. If you don’t have room, I need you to make room. If you can’t send him until the Fall then he needs to have Independent Study until then. I expect Bus Transportation as well. If Tincher is not available I will accept Hill. I will not accept anything less. If you have room for school of choice and district transfers you have room for my son. I have enclosed pictures of the assault. I fear for my sons Mental and Physical Safety. Please call me ASAP. I will not be sending him to school so please contact me immediately.

Thank you for your time,
Jane E. *last name* (mother)
*phone number*


Adoption of Jane said...

I was going to add CC (copies) to Principal, Vice Principal, Mr. Tagorda, and the Newspaper... or should I leave the Newspaper out of it for now?

Oka said...

Have you had a chance to check into state laws?

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Send it!!!

Peterson Family said...

I can not believe that they are letting this go on like this. But then again, it's not their child suffering. I know you are going to be facing a hard road, and please know that we are behind you cheering you on. Kids who bully other kids should not be shuffled back and forth to other schools because they will find other victims. And until the schools take a hard stance against this sort of thing, it will continue. They picked on the wrong child this time, because they had no idea what a Mama Bear you are!

Big hugs to you!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Just take out the words like damn and Hell and I think you should threaten them by saying you're preparing similar letters for the newspaper, Fox 11, and the California Department of Education as well. :)

alice said...

I agree that you should hold off on the newspaper for now, because then you have it as a next step if they try to blow you off. Though I imagine that the newspapers would really like to get into the whole 'expelled students get transfers, attacked students get shafted' issue. CC'ing the principal, VP and Mr. Tagorda is a great idea, though, since movement seems to happen when people are afraid that their behavior (and lack thereof) may get known by others.

As for editing, (ignore this if you've already edited and sent, or if you don't want any ass-vice), the main suggestion I'd have is to include a brief line at the beginning or in the subject that you're writing because you need to secure a safe place for Islaam to finish out the school year. Especially if the superintendent hasn't heard much about this so far, stating your general demand up front can help him read the rest of it in context.

I really like how you lay out what you're asking for at the end - it's very clear that Tincher is the best choice, but by listing Hill and Independent Study, you're showing them that you're open to *REASONABLE* alternatives, which really strengthens your position.

Heather said...

I hope something is done about this and they put him in the other school. Keep us updated.

Jane said...

So sorry! Send the letter....keep us posted. (((hugs)))

william said...

great letter, good luck they should be held responsible..

Erin said...

I would say that if you have not heard back from them in 24 or 48 hours you are prepared to contact the state board of education as well as the newspaper, radio and tv stations. Then do it. In the meantime I would be contacting each of those places saying that if you don't hear from them who do you need to speak to when the time has run out. That way you can have contact information already on hand.
Good luck I hope they act quickly.

Nicole said...

I agree with Meeko take out the hells and damns and make threats like what will happen if they don't reply by a certain time! But for sure send it!!! Oh and yes hold off on the newspaper for now

Busymomsteph said...

I am so sorry about all of this. I am just now getting caught up. I agree send the letter, threaten them with the media give them a deadline for a response and if you don't hear anything go forward. And let us know I am pretty sure most of us would dedicate posts and tweets to getting the word out about this. I am so sick right now I want to scream. Hang in there, we are all behind you and your family!

Kmama said...

Meeko and Alice gave you some excellent advice. I'm sorry I wasn't around earlier today to read this and help out. You could also contact someone in teh government (I don't really know who...I'm dumb when it comes to politics).

Margaret said...

I agree with Meeko. It is a great letter and I would send it to the media if the don't respond.

blueviolet said...

I think it's great and I would pull the media in it if you don't get the proper response.

Tortuga said...

You go girl. Did you send this today?

If you don't hear back by Monday noon, I would definitely give them a call. I would also CC the principals of Tincher and Hill, just so they know what's going on.

If they don't do something by then, call the newspaper and the local TV news. Let them know you plan to do this, it will help light a fire under their buns.

Aunt Crazy said...

Send the letter to the entire school board via email, if you hear nothing within 24 hours, go to the media. You should also be calling attorneys and find one that will help you free of charge. Have you thought about contacting Quanell X?

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness. Send that letter! Your son deserves to not be afraid at school!!!

Now following you from Friday follow.

The Creative Hare said...

I am glad to have found you.

Call your local ACLU chapter and they will help you get your transfer. Don't let these bastards tell you you can't transfer your son. HOGWASH. I am a parent of an aspie's / Bipolar young man and the horror's we went through while he was in school would be a nightmare for most moms. After my pulling him out & telling the school they can either agree or be sued for neglect of care, they agreed. Two years later he was ahead two grades above his peers, in a new school and confident the ACLU was on his side. I also petitioned the state to have a "Parental Intervention Day". This in short means: If my son felt threatened, uncomfortable, defeated in any way, not concentrating etc... basically, he's having a bad day, I would get a call from him stating, "mom I need a PID day okay". I would pick him up with his required school work and he would take a day off. He was never suspended, punished or doubted again thereafter. He was far ahead of his class, graduated almost a year early with a 3.95 gpa. Fight for your childs rights and don't let the school, the cops or anyone else tell you you don't have rights. You certainly do. Call the local news station as well. I did and it was very affective.

Hugs to your son and stay strong.

*LLUVIA* said...

This is a good start! (I am now catching up on your posts, so i decided to read this one first)