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Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Warriors #5

There are no rules...(feel free to post an old or new post!) 
this will run through the whole weekend
(Friday evening posted by 9pm PST
thru Noon Monday, PST )
so that Special Needs Families
will have time to participate..
we never know what any day is going to be like..
~Non-Special Needs Linkers ask us a question, 
email to have 
your questions posted the following week...
link us, love our children, and most of all 

teach your children how to befriend ours~

Non-Special Needs 

Aunties, Uncles, Neighbors, OT's, ABA's & Families
Email me Three Questions that I will post next week

(ex. how do you feel about your child riding the Short Bus?, 
I say short bus not to poke fun, but to open up correct lingo and 
take the power out of tacky words),
Post a pic of your Child with
A Special Person in their Lives,
Post an interaction you had this week,
Something new you've learned, etc
 Let us know One thing you will do this month
to teach your Child about Ours.

Special Needs Persons & Families

Post A Pic

Link an old post or your current post
Choose to Answer Questions 

Post how your Week/Weekend went
What are your plans this Weekend,
vent, share, love, and laugh..
you and your family are valued here!

This is not a forum stating "my way or the highway"
please be respectful, discuss your experiences only.

This is not a forum to debate.
So lets gather and share our Experiences! 
This weeks Questions:
Sorry no Questions this week :(  

Jane's tip of the day:

Please get your non-special needs bloggy friends to participate... 
for the sake of their children as well as ours!! 

(insert edit)

Evonne has a question...
Having a special needs child, what do you think
are the rewards and negatives of it?


My Weekend Warrior:
The Comedian (my daughter) swore I took her Powder Donuts....


That was the beginning of our weekend....
Sister gives Tafari big hugs... 
And I am suppose to be the Sucker in the Family!!!!

First off I'd like to thank Evonne for seeing my post and how much it means to me and sending me an immediate question via Email... 

Question of the Week:

Having an autistic child, what do you think
are the rewards and negatives of it?

My answer:
Rewards: I relish the little things. He looks directly in my eyes and that is huge!! He hugs me... that is huge... he stops when I redirect him.. that's huge!! Things I took for granted with my other Children.

Negatives: Yeah I can say... Oh i love him how he is.. he is so special and I adore him, I wouldn't change anything about him... BULLSHIT!! I have at least a zillion things I'd change out of all my children and myself as well. So lets get real! The negatives for me are lack of sleep. Seriously. Picture a newborn... up every 2 to 3 hours... thats my life.. you can read more about it on pour my heart out by Shell next Wednesday. I want sleep. I need sleep. I am constantly napping when he is at school.. so nothing gets done. 
Sleep is what I would change.

Janes Real Tip of The Day...
Powder Donuts = Walls still White...
Whats the Harm?
Sometimes ya gotta choose your battles


Shana said...

Love this post. Love the comment about the white walls and donuts lol. I will try to get one up about my nephew.

Amy said...

we have those donuts on our couch...

Have a great weekend.

Brandi said...

This is really a fabulous post. My son has ADD (never had him formally tested b/c I homeschool anyway and I don't want to medicate), but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he has it (and it runs in the family on his dad's side).

I wouldn't necessarily say that it classifies as 'special needs.' I guess it might be different if I sent him to public school b/c he would be disruptive in a class room setting. He takes redirection well, though, and we're making our way through it.

I do know how it feels to have all eyes on us when we are out in public. People usually notice how freakin' brilliant he is, which is nice, but he's also the LOUDEST, most rambunctious child everywhere we go (and it's not 'cute' anymore 'cause he's 9).

One thing that makes me so happy is that he is accepting of everyone because not everyone has always been accepting of him and he knows how that feels. He is deeply compassionate and aware of the feelings of others. :)

I hope this Meme takes off for you.

Foursons said...

What do I love about my Aspie son? I love his pure, sweet-natured, genuine love for people. He has the kindest heart of anyone I know.

What would I like to change about him? His frustration level. It's so short and so very difficult to deal with.

Would I change his diagnosis? He's the same kid he was before the diagnosis as he is after it. I love that boy will every ounce of my being.

Sheri said...

Hi! I’m also a Skinny Jeans member, and wanted to stop by your personal blog to say hello and follow you too. :)

GL to all of us in this, we’re in it together!

- Sheri

Kmama said...

That picture of him with the donut is sooo cute. Kudos to you for admitting that there are things you would change about not only Tafari, but all of your children. Sometimes it's hard to be honest.

Karen said...

Too cute on that photo of the "stolen" donut!

Erin said...

I love the donuts! Linked up again. I just changed the question from autism to disabilities. Hope that was okay.

Adoption of Jane said...

Erin thanks for catching it, I just changed it to Special Needs :)