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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Special Exposure & Pour Your Heart Out

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Grandpa got T. a Trampoline!! 
The carpet underneath makes this literally soundproof,
I know the lady downstairs is happy he's not jumping
on the floor anymore!

(Please ignore the stained hair dyed old couch)

Linking up with Shell for Pour your Heart out! 
This Pour my Heart Out Post was in my head prior to receiving this Trampoline. I am in a better place now. But lets rewind to my original little world of the mentally insane. Because that's what lack of sleep will do for you... it literally makes you crazy. 

I rarely sleep. My son has the sleeping habits of a Newborn Baby. Yes... Seriously... up like every 2-3 hours. If he's up I have to wake up. I recently retired my old 2nd hand couch-bed. So I am sleeping on the floor, which has aged me quite a bit. Lucky Grandpa brought me a gift too. He got me a comfy Egg Carton Foam Mattress thingy from Target. Yup my blow up mattress (behind the ratty tat tat couch) is finally leaking. Next month I get my Purdy Futon!!! But jeez three months on the floor and broken sofa beds... I hope my body heals. Seriously.

Anyways back to no sleep (It's 2:40am  now so 'scuse me if I ramble). So when the babe wakes up at lets say 1am I have no parenting skills. None.. zip.. nada! Parenting? I am not even coherent,  I just stare at him and try to arrange my thoughts. He then gets up and start jumping. We live upstairs. I have to immediately shut that down. So I jump awake. I spend the next hour or two comforting, reading, and begging him to please go back to sleep. He usually laughs. He doesn't wake up crying. He wakes up ready to party!! The Meltdown comes if I try to force anything or redirect him when its his time to party.

By the time I get him back to sleep, I am wide awake. I usually don't get to go back to sleep until he leaves for school. I am constantly tired. Constantly!! I yearn for a real bed, a full nights rest, and a Manny. I may need a Nanny to rock me to sleep too ;) ... thus, a Man-ny.

This was gonna be a full bitch and moan session, until Grandpa brought presents. So I am kinda counting my blessings in between bitching, moaning, and crying for sleep!

Okay I'm rambling. 


Angie said...

I would be rambling too! It is hard enough doing it for the short amount of time when babies are babies (the first 9 mo for each of my kids) but to keep going on lack of sleep? Ugh...

I am not sure how you do it - but look how cute he is (There is a reason why God made them that way you know....)

danette said...

Yay for Grandpa's :)

Looks like your little one is having a great time on the trampoline.

I hope you're able to get some sleep soon... I've been there with the sleep issues that go on for years and it's hard. Our guys still have sleep issues but it's not that often anymore that they wake us up in the process.

You might ask your pediatrician about melatonin, I'm not sure what the age range is but it can help.


Shell said...

You poor thing! I can't function when I don't get sleep. So glad that you got those presents, but I hope that you get some sleep.

Thanks for linking up!

Oka said...

I so understand the sleep deprivation. The way my kids births were spread out didn't help.

None of my kids slept completely through the night until they were about 2.5 years. It was shortly after I would get pregnant again. So the combination of 3rd shift, no babysitters, children not sleeping well for 2.5 years, and pregnancies has left me fighting for sleep for almost 13 years. Now that my youngest (and last) is getting close to three, I am finally allowed to get more sleep, but my body won't cooperate :(

That trampoline looks like an awesome gift and the futon sounds like one too, Thank God for Grandpa.

Danielle said...

I feel your pain. I am always tired, too. My little one is STILL not sleeping through the night!! She is almost 2, so I am hoping for some better nights rest eventually. I hope you get some too.

Erin said...

Ugh I totally understand! I did that for the first 18 months after Colby's stroke. It was insane. He would sleep two hours be up an hour sleep two hours be up screaming for an hour. I finally took him for a sleep study where they told me part of his sleep center was damaged by the stroke and that he will never sleep normally again. Gee thank you very much for that fabulous news. I am very grateful for the 5 nights a week of nursing care I get for him so that I can sleep those night. It never fails though that either my 6 year old or my 2 year old will wake me up one or two times during the night when I have a nurse here. Kids they will be the death of me! I hope you get some rest soon.

Sharon said...

I hope you get some rest soon. Kayleigh thinks that sleep is for the weak and she has no problem sharing that belief with the rest of us weak, weak mortals. She wakes up and shrieks, growls, talks at the top of her lungs and resists falling back asleep for as long as she possibly can.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I've been fighting with insomnia most of my life. I was so used to sleeping in a room with other people that by the time I had my own room, I couldn't sleep in it very well if I was alone. These days, I just can't fall asleep. I'm so sorry you've had to to sleep on the floor. I bet you won't know what to do with yourself when you have that futon!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Becareful ... lack of sleep can leed to so many other htings ... like crankiness :-) Really, talk to your Dr. maybe?? You gotta sleep babe!

The Henrys said...

I agree with the melatonin advice! I have used it and it works so nicely.

Cute pics!!

Jane said...

Bless your heart!! I am glad T got a trampoline, and you a "bed"...come on Futon! I hope you get some rest soon. It is so hard to be a good Mommy/person when you are sleep deprived.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Start napping! LoL :) You know I love my naps! :)

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees. com said...

Loves those photos!

MommaPebz said...

ok those pics are so cute I can't stand it!

I hope you get a full nights rest soon girl - you deserve it!

Jane said...

My son had a stomach virus all last night and I ended up tossing and turning and finally moving downstairs to the couch. He slept all day and I continued to run around like I always do. I've always gone through periods of insomnia and this is one now. I'm praying for a good night sleep soon. So glad you got those gifts!

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

Here's hoping you get some well-deserved rest soon!

I love the photos of T jumping on his new trampoline, so cute :)

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Oh honey girl. I am so glad that you at least have that time when he goes to school to nap. I am a NIGHTMARE when I am tired.

Really...I feel ya.

Before kids, I really needed like 8 hours of sleep plus a 2 hour nap. It's just the way I am wired. Now I get 6 or 7. I am just not cut out for being tired.

Hope your futon comes soon.

*LLUVIA* said...

I've slept very little all my life...then I went and got pregnant, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Now after Emma was born, I'm back to my little sleep. I'm tired, but I don't feel sleep deprived much anymore.

He looks so cute in the trampoline!

Ramble on!!

kristi said...

When I go days without sleep, I get mean!!! **hugs**