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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why I started My Blog

Facebook has been pissing me off lately.  Definitely a love/hate relationship.  I guess I am just bored with it now.  The gaming side of it is annoying me. I have been playing MW for almost a year and have met a lot of interesting people.  But the games are no longer fun.  Which I guess is a good thing because I was in full on addiction mode.  Is there such thing as a Facebook Tweeker? Because I was seriously FaceCracked out!  I have insomnia.  I would find myself waking up at 3am and jumping online to play Mafia Wars.  It got so bad that when I would be in public I swore I'd see a MW buddy in the crowd! I know scary right?!  Even Scarier I think I hold the Record in Account Deletions.  Even Facebook tried to get rid of me! That should have been an indication that I needed help.  But noooo I would just make a new account.... again and again! And Again!!! But each time it was a little less fun.  Don't get me wrong my FaceCrack friends make me laugh so hard I cry! But then would come the 1 comment Smart Ass.  You know that person.  The person that thinks everyone wants to know their opinion....  The person that takes a joke Personally... The person whom thinks your page is their own... UGH! Annoying.  So enough with Mafia Wars... what about Sorority Life.  OMG! I actually bought glam! Whipped out the Credit Card and was buying gear for my Virtual Bitch!! WTH?! I am sitting in front of my puter in Sweats and buying this virtual bitch fly ass shit!! After a day of playing and pissed because I didnt have enough points for the Wedge Flip Flops, I decided to turn off my puter and read a book! Thank god I still knew how to Read! So now I am done. Done making new gaming accounts done starting at level 1 for the umpteenth time! I really want to just delete my Jane (Gaming) account once and for all.  The only problem is I've met so many great people.  So I will wait until Facebook breaks up with me again and then I will be free of making that decision.

So the Blog... well I have lots to say.  Which is probably why I kept getting deleted.  I've always wanted to Blog but it seemed a little Narcissistic to me.  And I am definitely not that.  I am actually quite the opposite.  I would give someone the shirt off my back without hesitation.  So I am blogging because I feel like it.  I am blogging because I like to write.  I am blogging because I think just about everything is funny.  I am blogging because I am phucking sick of Facebook.


-m- said...

(w)right now...
i am trying to:

1. resist droopy eyelids
2. decide what to cook at cafe world...
under 1 hr dish to max XP cos i want another stove.. but i should nap... tho i don't want food to spoil so.. 2 hrs... 4 hrs.. 5 hrs.. why is there not a 3 hour dish?
3. relishing your longer rant format

i had a very private Lj about very private things. and then they moved their offices to moscow (seriously) and the next thing i know i have random russians asking to join my Lj account. um... i only Lj'd back and forth with -one- person. so how do all these russians even know i have a Lj and what it is about? ergh. so i stopped writing. and put it in FB notes. but then my friends couldn't find notes amid all my MW postings. i didn't even post statuses to avoid getting my account in pink again.

before FB... i never thought of myself as a gamer. HA! ha indeed..... i had to delete my My Farm account cos i was getting gaming arm. i had to delete entire apps cos i was spending to much time on FB. and... who am i kidding.. those lesser apps were interfering with my primary apps !!

book? books? i once knew of those such a thing....

-m- said...

um... i also used to know when to type too vs to ; )

Jane said...

BWAHAHAHA I noticed the huge amount of Russian Friend requests as well!!

Anonymous said...

Well as Godfather of {ALH}, I am so over it. LOL. I miss you and love the many people that I have encountered. However, I am Godfather SEMI RETIRED or just Creator and that has helped. I love my clan but I recall when I REFUSED to even join Face Book, as I am " not into social networking". My life motto is" I am not happy until you are not happy"! Well, I am just a social butterfly now LMAO.