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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Survivor 19, Smart is Sexy...Why I love Russell and the FOA-FOA Four!

Say what you want about this guy but he is Brilliant at reading people and playing Survivor. At first I couldn't stand Russell!! He seemed cocky and arrogant. He even told the Cameras he was an Oil Tycoon who didn't need the money, didn't care about winning, he just wanted to prove he could get to the end and manipulate everyone on the island. He told everyone that he lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and had to start over.  Then he went on to state he had never even been to New Orleans to the viewing audience.  That in itself infuriated me.  But, by the third episode he had me hooked! He stated all of the above as game play.... in a game built around dishonesty he played his part. He did it to make a point that people will believe what they want to believe. He is crafty, smart, and absolutely likeable.  This guy found two hidden immunity idols without any clues!!! He was able to rally the others to rid people that were catching onto him without the rest of the Tribe even realizing it was his idea. He was able to get rid of Liz who was a strong competitor and valuable around the camp, while he does nothing at camp but search for hidden idols!

When his tribe, Foa-Foa finally came to the merge and united as one with Galu they only had four members left.  Galu had Eight!! Galu's arrogance and ignorance was built by Russell alone.  I mean honestly... do you really think they won all those challenges without Foa-Foa's help? Russell saw the advantages of being an underdog.  He handpicked the other 3 Foa-Foa players himself from the beginning.  I personally believe he had a few members on his tribe, throw challenges to lessen their numbers and create a stronger bond. Helloooooooooo Russell out ran Creepy dude and lost him in the woods so he could go back for the idol... don't get it twisted... Foa Foa is far from weak! How quickly everyone forgot how well Jaison did on the first challange.  He didn't just frantically swim out into the ocean and back.... he swam with the grace of a dolphin and the speed of a preying Shark!  Jaison also stated to the Camera he was a professional swimmer.  That was exactly the point that Russell decided to keep Jaison around.  Also, it exposed Jaison's athleticism! Russell knew at that point he was going to take this guy as far as he could and use him to his advantage. My opinion... Russell told the strong to sit back so Foa-Foa won't vote them out as a threat and Galu will get cocky, which in this game is a definite death sentence. And how about that Natalie? When Foa-Foa first got to their island Russell began pulling all the girls aside and trying to get them to join forces with him. I thought that was so typical! But that is exactly why he did it! He wanted to find out which girl would keep her mouth shut and be loyal. Okay to the average eye she looks like a little waify blond dingbat. I say BULLSHIT! This chick is tough as rocks!! Does everyone remember when she killed and friggin ate a Rat!! Who the fuck does that??? I think that was the moment Russell was like yup... shes coming with me too! Shes a rider! Don't forget after the merge when Russell had played his immunity idols he said.. he has to win the next challange and go on the next award because he knows there will be a clue to the immunity idol.  Hmmmmmm? How interesting little weak Natalie not only kicks ass to win a challenge she does this by hanging onto a swinging rope by just her ankles!!! I had to rewind it to make sure she wasn't hanging by her toes!! Also the one time that Russell was really in danger of being voted out... who convinced Galu to vote out Erick (one of their Main guys!!)... Natalie! And do you really think she was ever friends with Laura... Pleeeeeeease! That was a set-up for real. To obvious to even blog about.  Okay whose next... Mick! Um, lets not forget he's a Doctor!! Brilliant Russell, absolutely friggin' brilliant!! No wonder you are going to expose your secret of being a Millionaire to a Doctor. He can't blab about it... hes a friggin Doctor!!!! So you both have money and he thinks he's your buddy because you "confided" in him. Also lets not forget Mick may be cute but he's no dummy! Russell needed a man on his team that the girls couldn't convert with their feminine wiles! Mick is a good looking doctor, he's probably use to conniving women. Oh and lets not forget he ain't no punk!! Mick is the first Survivor member to ever be disqualified from a challenge! Mick dayum near beat Johns a** during that challenge. Jon thought he was slick with his little remarks and Mick took it to the Hood on his butt!!

Galu's Traitors... John... LOL need I say more? He was a little too late. BTW yes John I am no Rocket Scientist (lol) but even you should know your the worst kind of Sell Out. He waited until his back was up against the wall and had nothing to lose. And please.......don't believe the hype on this Shambo bit. I think Russell really likes her as a person.. but this is his game and she will go before any FOA FOA member... mark my words. I don't doubt that him and his family may visit hers after all is said and done, but as for the game, shes a wrap.

So thats my favorite Four! While most women would think Russell wasn't cute until they found out he was a Millionare... I think his brain and the evaporating gut, is making him more and more appealing! Still Surprised they are picking Galu off one by one? I'm not and Thursday is my new Favorite day!!!

(Thanks Ted for the Correction... Ben was disqualified from the competition not Mick)


Robert said...

I agree with everything you have said! Well written and so right on! Russell is one of the greatest players ever!

knottyawetizmmama said...

Thanks Robert! I still have goosebumps from Thursdays show! Can't wait until next week!

tedeley said...

Great Blog... I have said the same thing since Day 1 of SS. Russell is the Man! Russell was always looking for the idol while the others were asleep or laying about camp. And when he was on the reward... what were the others doing??? Laying about camp! I do think that he helps around camp, they just don't show it. I have seen him gathering firewood.

Only other thing... it was Ben, not Mick, that was disqualified from the challenge>

knottyawetizmmama said...

Your right! It was Ben!! I don't know why Mick stood out in my head? Thanks!

Oh yeah I absolutely love Russell!! Also, Shambo laughing at Laura's eviction: Priceless!!!

Tracey said...

Great blog..but one mistake to point out. Mick was NOT the DQ'd contestant from a challenge. That honor would go to Ben.

zzziiinnnggg said...

Great blog. Russell is going to be the learning curve from now on when it comes to how to play the game of Survivor. I love it! If this man makes it to the end & these fools don't award him the win then they are even bigger fools than he is making them look like. : )

Meeko Fabulous said...

Girl you clearly know you're Survivor! :)