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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So the other day me and my gurl Trenesha were hanging out.  I told her girl lets go to the movies now because my house is a hot mess! I said you know what would be the sh**? I wish I were Bewitched! Nesha looked at me funny.... I was like c'mon now I know your ass knows who bewitched is??? The sitcom chick that twinkled her nose and got what ever she wanted??? I wish I was bewitched and could twinkle my house clean! Trenesha said "Bee-otch I know who Bewitched is I just never heard a black girl say that shit before!!" BWAHAHAHAHAH... we laughed for a hot minute!! That was too funny! But then I looked her in the eye and said trick you know my mamma is white.  Anyways... it was a funny moment that you probably had to be there to get.... anyways.... The pic is me and Mary Ann. That's my mother.  I was adopted when I was a babe and she and Lee raised me.  I love her to death.  Yes we annoy the sh** out of each other.   I use to chalk that up as maybe thats because she wasn't my "real" mom.  But as i've gotten older I've realized.. it's really because we are family.  Family is suppose to annoy you right?


-m- said...

love bewitched !! love the photo !!
you are always such a cutie in these pix of yours !!

have you always called her & lee by their first names vs mom & dad? i have always called my parents (who adopted me) mom & dad. what is interesting is that even before i spoke english... i called my dad the korean word for dad! and tho i was almost -5- i used to crawl into their bed ALL the time...

when i moved to atlanta i thought it would give me a chance to reconnect with being korean. but since i no longer speak the language i've got a foot in the door but am otherwise considered to be an outsider. my time in atlanta helped me place into perspective how much i am culturally filipino.

can't recall if we already talked about this ; )

Jane Ug-Lbc said...

I call them Mom & Dad but have many brothers and sisters so have to distinguish which "mom" I am speaking about :)

Jane Ug-Lbc said...

-m- Yeah thats the thing thats always connected us the "out of race" adoption thingy.