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Monday, November 16, 2009

He told me Everything!

This morning while I was waiting for the bus with the baby something shook me up a little.  A young boy came and sat next to us.  We were the only ones at the stop.  He asked me if we missed the bus and I told him yes.  I noticed he had a Blue & White School Uniform.  Where we live you can tell the grade school by the color of the Uniform so I assumed he was in Junior High School.  Very beautiful boy.  Big brown eyes and a friendly smile.  He asks me some questions about the baby (the usual how old, is he going to daycare, etc.).  I asked him if he was on his way to Middle School (Jr. High).  He told me yes and told me what school he went to.  We talked for awhile.  He told me the buses and Routes he usually took.  He also told me what class he had first and what time he gets out of school.  We talked a bit longer and he told me his name.  I let him know he shouldn't tell people that much information and he said he never does he just saw me with my baby and knew I was a mom so it's okay.  I informed him it wasn't and to be careful he seemed like a nice boy and wouldn't want the wrong person to know that much about him.

I got on the bus and he walked to the back.  I began to think.... how much have I prepared my kids for "Stranger Danger?"  Yes they know the basics, but have I evolved the conversation to include the Pedophiles and Creeps of today.  When we were kids we knew not to get in the "Van" with the Strange looking Dude.  There were certain houses that even the boldest kid would cross the street to avoid.  The Strangers looked Strange!!! Now the Creeps are disguised as Women, Men, Adolescents, Family Members, Neighbors, etc.  It's time we as Parents Evolve as well!


Karahmel's Kisses said...

Maaaaaaan I had a story sim to that. They kind of draw to the motherly types. I guess he felt safe with you. but you are right, he should not of been "THAT" confortable with you to tell you all of that.

Poor child. Often when i see them like that i just want to take them home, wash em up, feed em a pot roast and teach them the things their moms just dont see that they are missing.

Its not even like saying their mom is a bad parent or anything. Just that we tell them so much, we assume that they know better after we have repeated it so many times.... but we have to keep repeating.... and repeating... and repeating

Jane Ug-Lbc said...

So true!! I think I do the repeating thing so much my kids tune me out! I've gotta be more clear with these kids about the "important" issues!