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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Colorful Critic

Two big Movies out right now are Precious and Blindside.

Precious... I've stated my opinion on many forums, but not my own.  Don't worry I will not give away the movie.  But, I do have several suggestions.....

I suggest if you were a child victim of Sexual and/or Physical Abuse you wait for the DVD and view the movie in the privacy of your home.  If you are as sensitive as I am, I suggest you catch a Matinee with a less crowded viewing. The matinee worked perfect for me. I also suggest you read the book first (Push, by Sapphire). It's a quick read, most of it written in diary form. I read it in 4 hours. I was very happy to see the movie followed the book!

I thought it was interesting that the critics made such a big deal about Mariah Carey being dressed down and made to look "normal". Actually, she looked like the same Mariah to me. Minus the Makeup of course. She looked like the average chick who relies on Makeup to be beautiful. Looks like we caught her waking up in the morning. I also don't doubt that Mustache was hers. Monique was asked not to shave her arms for the part and Mariah is no different.

All in all it was an intense, very real, and deep movie. Leave the kids and husband/boyfriend at home... grab a girlfriend and go see Precious, but only after you've read the book!

Blindside.... I haven't seen this yet... I have mixed emotions. I am very tired of movies where Caucasians have to step in to save Black Folks. Now, don't get me wrong I love my Caucasian Friends and Family with all my heart. But, what message does this send to our kids?  I also feel being in a multi-race adopted family that I have the experience to say this. Okay so Blindside is a true story, yes.  But it is based on a True Story. Which means they change a lot of things for Hollywood. Why not change the race of the family? In our culture we have successful black families. Families that work daily, and take on the responsibility of other peoples children. Hollywood needs to respect that. Although I absolutely love Sandra Bullock (her movie, All about Steve was hilarious!!), and do not blame her, I have mixed feelings to if I will see this movie. Maybe I will wait until DVD.


Princess said...

I just went to see Precious tonight.

I still am not quite sure what to say or do. But if I were the crying kind, I'd have been bawling in that theater.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i get that because I sat in my Living Room for like 2 hours after and did nothing.