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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Supah Interview

Chit-Chattin' with Supahmommy

Next month will be Six Months that I've been Blogging. I have met some Awesome people during this journey. I am talking about people that I can see myself forming long term friendships with. I love to comment back and forth but sometimes I wanna know just a little bit more about someone. So I decided  from now through April I want to Interview a blogger a week.

I really began chit-chatting with Supah when she was putting together a game called Supah's Survivor. I am a huge fan of the T.V. show and stalked Supah until I was bold enough to ask her if I could play. She let me in and I actually got to be Russell... Woot Woot!! So now that the Stalking is over (at least she thinks so) the Talking begins.....

How’d you come up with the name Supahmommy?

SupahMommy is a snark to someone who once called me a  SUPERSTAR because I was an overachiever. I changed it up to Supah kinda like Mary Catherine Gallagher from Saturday NIght LIve.  WEll.. not kinda like.  TOTALLY LIKE.  SupahMOMMy * hands in air*   

 How many Children do you have, their ages, and  how did you come up with their names/nicknames?

Mnm  is 6 years old.  Her nickname is a version of her real name and an actual nickname that we call her.  One of 45 nicknames and a double name kid.  She will hate me in t-minus 6  years.    Yep Yep  is 3 soon to be 4.  Her nickname is an Acronym for her real name.  Boogie Bear is almost 11 months and she got the nickname because it's a song I sing her in the morning.  Sometimes I rap it.  

What does Dbd mean? And how did y'all meet?

DbD =  Death Bed Dan  ... Dan is not his name.  His real name is the same name as a musical icon that I loved in the 80's.  He is nothing like that icon that I loved.  The name Death Bed Dan was created when I lost my mind and posted about what a SUCK ASS WUSSY BOY he was when he was sick.  You'd think the grim reaper himself was serving up death on a platter in the form of a little "cold."

DBd fell in love with me the minute he stepped into the door.  I was on the computer after a long day of teaching first grade.  He was IN THE NAVY and came up with a squadron friend ( who was my roommates boyfriend) to stay at our place before flying out of the local airport.  MOOCH.    We stayed up all night reading stupid magazine quizzes to each other.  He forgot his glasses.  I didn't know he wore glasses.  When it was his turn to read a question...I thought he needed a reading intervention. 

What makes your Sister your best friend?

AWww.. Thanks for noticing.  
Um.  Because I can tell her any dream I have and she NEVER questions me.  She just supports. I have enough people in my life telling me otherwise.  She always supports and then says : how can I help.   She's also 98.987  percent like me.   Her skinny ass can also eat a whole pizza proudly.  

So it seems to me Chief is your Bloggy BFF (she cracka me up) how, when, and what made y'all hit it off?

Actually Chief  is not only a bloggy bff.. but a real friend.  What began as a blog pal turned into a true friendship.  Someone who has gone to bat for me time and again and that I know is in my corner at all times.  She drives me APESHIT and I love it.   She's one of the most interesting people I've ever met.  However she comes with 3 other pals that I also call my bloggy bff's and real friends.  They have ALL gone to bat for me, listened to my ideas and made me laugh so hard I cry.  JennFab makes me smile.She reached out to me and I deemed her my BIFFSTUB.  My BFF soon to be.  I can always count on her for a great story and a sweet heart.  Princess  is my voice of reason.  She stalked me and made me love her. We met through Jaden.   I think she's smart and kind and logical and a dedicated mom and wife.   Mommy is in the Bathroom is my late night friend.  She is the person who  feels with her heart but thinks with her brain.  She's friggin smart in so many ways.  Her street smarts keep me on track. She helped me run Jaden's auction.    She gives and gives and gives and never asks for anything from me.  They are all so talented in these crazy ways that I am a shadow.  And I like that.  I will however take credit for bringing us all together.  I am the Sun and they all revolve around me.  JUST KIDDING. I hope you all can find friends from this like I have.  

 I do however have MANY  incredible blog friends that I know are real...  inlcuding you  Miss Jane.  To hit it off with me, you just have to talk to me. 

When did you start your blog and what made you do it?

I started on myspace.  That sounds SO LAME.  That's like saying I have to stop at Kmart and pick up  the "fame" 8 track to listen to in my Pinto.  Myspace had a blog function.  I looked up the word blog and figured it out.  I found.   I loved her and new I could do it as soon as I read her.   

I notice some folks are posting they don't accept or do blog awards, what do you think of Awards and why?

I actually don't do them myself.  I always try to say thank you in an email because I am always so honored that people think of me in such ways.  They are just so dern hard to keep up with to be honest.  In the beginning I could do it but now I just have a hard time.  And sometimes something has to give.   IN general however I have learned the hard way that I don't judge other bloggers and their methods.  I used to think... she doesn't give me the time of day.  Who does she think she is.  Well.  I sucked for thinking that.  I have no idea what's on that bloggers plate and won't judge them for not returning my comment.  So I'm a big believer in , " to each his own."  I always smile when I get an award though and I enjoy the new ones.  :)

If you could be anything but human what would you be and why

There's actually not one single thing I'd rather be than human.  I'm awesome like that.  I can tell you what I"d NOT like to be.  A cow.  No way.  A bird.  Holy freaking no.  A bug.  EWWWW... A worm.  KILL ME.  An Emu.  Re freaking no.  Pretty much all animals , birds, mammals and insects.  NO THANKS.  Human.  All the way.  High five for humans!

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
The power to take Jaden and Julie's  cancer away.  

What is your Favorite color?

Red. Bright Brick Red.
What is your favorite food?

Pizza.  Specifically SQuirrel Hill MINEO's Pizza.  I challenge you any day to a pizza "off."   I can down an whole pizza myself and I am not ashamed to tell you that.  It's your loss if you choose NOT to down a whole pizza.  I love my sister because she's skinny.. but she can down a whole pizza too.    And she's not all throwing it up in the toilet, after, she's burping.  When we order Mineo's my mom always asks " how many slices " should I order?

My sister and I just stare at her.  

If you could go anywhere without kids where would it be?

Oh Sweet Jesus.  A beach.  Sand.  On a chair.  Drunk.  With a book.  My husband every OTHER day  for a portion of the day and my BFF's and Sister every single day.   Sweet Jesus I pray to you.  GIVE THIS TO ME.

What is the perfect Family Vacation? Where, and Why?

Lord.  There is no perfect family vacation.  Most portions of a FAMILY vacation involve LOTS OF FRIGGIN WORK and stress.  When the kids are in bed... all snorin and huggin the pillow and I am downing a bottle of wine with my sister at the beach after a game of Balderdash.   PERFECTION. 

What is your Carnival/Meme "The Skew"? I am a bit confused.

The skew is a work in progress.  My take on " the view."   It's our groups  SKEWED version of a round table discussion on a hot topic.  Usually it's funny.  This week it will take a different format.  You'll get to see us banter back and forth.  This is why I love them.

Tell me a little about each Carnival/Meme you have, and how you came up with it.

Oh Gosh.  I do so many because they're just fun and like you say.. fuel for thought. 

 All About MEme Monday-  a post of some crazy sort.. all about you.  I like learning about you.  MommyBrain and I came up with this and it was my first MEme ever. 
Post It Note Tuesdays-see below
The Skew - see above
Just Dance Yer BLoggy off  Wii game competition with Shell from Things I Can't Say.  Her idea.  I just banded with her so that I could get in on the fun.   It's exercise.  It's fun.  It's DIFFERENT. 
Photobooth Saturday-  Just a quick blip of photos on a strip with a quick explanation.  
Sundays With Jaden-  Jaden Duttine's story as he battles Cancer. 
(Interviewer's Note... I've put Buttons for you to click on for these Meme's at bottom of  Page)

I absolutely love Post-it-Note Tuesdays!! Why do you thing it has taken off like a Caged  Bird?

I never in my life expected it to go viral.  I think it's fun because it's QUICK, versatile and unique.

Thank you for interviewing me Jane.  Can I have a drink of water now.  Someone in the green room promised me some water about an hour ago.. but yah.. I .. never... got ...
* dies of dehydration

(um sure water coming right up... *brings glass of vodka*)

Supah's MeMe's......


Brittney said...

what a great interview... * I stalk supah's page too!* hahaha

Danielle said...

I loved getting to know more about Supah. I too, stalk her page.

Kmama said...

What a great idea Jane!! Thanks for interviewing Supah!

SupahMommy said...

You are soo sweet.

I just love you .

Love the interview idea and can't WAIT to read about more peeps!

Evonne said...

Mmmm... Mineos. Yes, it's awesome and now I'm hungry!

Great interview! Looking forward to more of them!

Meeko Fabulous said...

How exciting! Wish I had thought of interviewing my fellow homies!!! I'm gonna get you Jane! ;)

One Cluttered Brain said...

This was a wonderful interview!
Good idea you had for interviewing your bloggy friends.
Supah is really creative with her memes isn't she?

Thanks for posting this!

Peterson Family said...

Great idea!

Another thing about blogging is creating another branch for your family tree, since we have adopted each other as family too!

You need your own show now to interview people 'cause you did a rockin' job!

blueviolet said...

Great interview! I didn't realize she had THAT many memes! She's busy and funny and silly and well, you know all this already.

injaynesworld said...

Interviewing someone isn't easy and you really asked some engaging questions. Good job. I look forward to reading more of them.

SupahMommy said...

I think I have something in my eye...

*wipes and turn to walk away quickly*

Jenn said...

This was such a great interview! I'm so honored to be publicly known as Supah's BIFFSTUB!

What a great idea, Jane!

Freely Living Life said...

Excellent interview. Thank you for teaching us more about our SupahMommy! <3

Shell said...

Awesome interview! Supah is a busy lady.

Tammy said...

Loved the interview! Great idea Jane! You go girl! ...and I learned more about Superstar Supah!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Why do I all of a sudden feel the need to break out into song?

"You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me hapPYYYYY when skies are grey....."

Awesome interview Jane!!!!

Oka said...

Thanks Jane and Supah, I really enjoyed the interview. Jane, you need to have a really juicy question though, LOL

Candice said...

Great interview. I always enjoy learning about different bloggers. :)

Lisa said...

Great interview! I loved the questions and the answers were great!

Lluvia said...

I love Supah! This is a great interview!!

Jessica Jones, ATL Mom of 3 said...

ALL the COOL kids stalk Supah! I feel lucky enough that she actually responds to my emails...sometimes..ok ALL the time! AND she lets me play her games!

Shannon said...

I'd like to be interviewed by you...someday!

Hey, I just discovered your blog, and you now have a new follower: :)