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Monday, July 19, 2010

STBM Before I'm Broke and Locked Up!

How can it be the months are whizzing by but the days seem so slow and long with the kiddos out of school?

Iz: Mom can I have a few dollars to go to the Pike (downtown) with my friends?
Me: Sure but you need to go to the store to get change
Iz: Okay mom anything you want!!
Me: What I want is my damn change back. All we have is this 20. And get the baby juice to please.

Iz leaves to store with 4 friends, his usual crew, then comes back

Iz: plops juice on table, thanks mom (gives me kiss then turns to leave)
Me: Hold up Casanova turn back around and give me my change!
Iz: Oh my bad here (hands me 7 dollars)
Me: What the hell??? I gave you a 20, you got Fari's juice, you wanted a couple dollars, I'm not dumb I know that doesn't equal out to 7 dollars in Change.
Iz: Well so and so didn't have bus money and...
Me: Um I am not so and so's mom and I can't afford to pay everyone's bus money go get my money please.

he gets my change and comes back

Iz: Here's your change (hands me 2 dollars in quarters)
Me: k, first off 2 dollars in quarters? what video games did you plan on spending my money on? Second of all that's only 9 dollars now, and juice is about 3 dollars... wheres the other 5 dollars... you said you only need a couple dollars.
Iz: Dang mom what if I want to eat
Me: Just take it and get out my face! What are you gonna do at the Pike anyways?
Iz: Meet girls (leans in to hug me goodbye, i catch a whiff of his boyish b.o.) 
Me: Dude you stink. What kind of girls you plan on meeting. I thought you took a shower?
Iz: I did but I like this shirt so i just put it back on

Ewww boys are so Nasty!

Me: Go change your shirt your not going anywhere smelling like that
Iz: Dang mom I don't have any FRESH (new, latest style) clothes
Me: What the hell? I don't have any FRESH clothes. I don't know the last time I bought anything for myself. Besides you've had a rude attitude lately so I am not buying you anything but School Uniforms.
Iz: Are you Serious? Thats so wrong (voice gets whiny) I cant have clothes unless I am good? (starts mumbling under his breath)
Me: I suggest you leave now before you end up on punishment your borderline disrespecting me and it's not to hot for an ass kicking!

Iz Leaves and Slams Gate

I jump my fat ass up and run to the door to yank him back through it. He was already gone... he did some Spiderman scale the wall thing because I know I was quick. Hurry September before I make the Twelve O'clock News... This boy needs to go back to School!


Oka said...

I put the two oldest in a bicycling camp a few weeks back. They suggested you send a few dollars a day, as they stopped at different ice cream places.

I budgeted so they would have the money for four days. I didn't have small bills the first day, so I gave them a $20 to share and told I expected the change.

I got less than $10 back, they had bought ice cream for a few boys who's parents didn't give them money. I was a bit ticked (as well as impressed that my boys cared). I made sue not to give them extra the next three days. You know those parents never had their boys pay back my boys.

Brittney said...

LOL thankfully I have a few more years before I have to deal with this lol

sorry hun.. hurry up school!

blueviolet said...

That teenage sass I do not miss!!! I see why you want school!

faerwillow said...

~why they like to be stinky...we will never know!! boys will be boys...are oldest is just brinnking on the teenage years and we are getting a l♥vely glimpse of attitude...uuuggghhh...i hope you make it! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Kmama said...

September will come, right??

LOL at him putting his shirt back on. Only boys.

The SITS feature today is an autism mom. Thought you might want to check her out if you haven't already. (

Noelle said...

My husband does the same thing with his shirts...think they ever outgrow it???

Jules said...

The entire dialogue is LOL to me. Love the math thing and give him "E" for effort on the quarters.

So down, take a deep breath and then ask him how he did that "Spiderman Move." Next time you can set a trap.

singedwingangel said...

lmbo man they get wiry in the teen years.. sounds like my boy's kind of math lol..

QueenBee said...

I would have been standing right there when he came in with a blanket and a pillow cause the concrete would have been his bed. But I did have to laugh about you sendind him back to go and get the change.

Not Average Teen said...

Oh that is too funny! :D

Sounds like my little brother!

LL Cool Joe said...

ha ha, cool!

My kids are at home all the time now. We only have 7 and half weeks to go!

Anonymous said...

I want to offer some sympathy but I'm too busy LMBAO (that's laughing my brown a-- off, in case you're wondering).

Meeko Fabulous said...

Girl . . . There's a reason I don't have kids . . . They'd be calling Child Protective Services on me all the time!!! LoL!!!

Ms. Understood said...

LOL!!! He must have sensed you coming and went into hyperdrive. Good thing he got away. You can't blog from jail and we'd miss ya. Try to hold out til September.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I feel ya. I can't wait for them to go back. Their first day back is the day before my birthday. That will be a nice birthday!

Mama Zen said...

It's so hot here that I'm breaking a sweat just thinking about ass kicking!

Erin said...

Ugh! That's what's been going on at our house. Only Colby has been screaming non-stop all day unless I hold him. I just found out his surgery date is going to be Aug 25th so that means he won't be able to go back to school the week before. That would be just my luck. Send him to school, get a cold and have to postpone the surgery that's taken a year to get set up.

otin said...

I used to do that to my Mother! She always wondered why things were so much more expensive when I bought them instead of her!

Rose said...

i don't have any children at home. i would be happy if school started to get peace. i still remember those days,no changes.

Anonymous said...

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