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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Empowering People With Disabilities

On July 24, 2010, BloggersUnite 
is asking bloggers and writers around the world to 
use their voices to raise awareness about 
Empowering people with disabilities.

I am one of the Bloggers!

TheAUTSPOT Foundation was founded in 2009 by Greg Koltsov and Dele Popoola and was inspired by Dele’s 19 year old cousin, Matthew, who is on the autism spectrum. We realize how difficult it can be for parents and caretakers to provide the financial support for the treatments and therapies for their loved ones on the autism spectrum. Our foundation is dedicated towards helping families attain the financial means that they need to help their children receive the proper treatment and training. We know that with your help and with the efforts of the autism community, we can help many families receive the services that they need and deserve! 

The Autspot has been instrumental in Empowering Families with Special Needs. Since I've met Dele and Greg my life has been blessed. I went from sitting at home scouring the internet for hours at a time trying to just figure out what the heck Autism is. Every article had a different answer. Even the people who said they were dealing with Autism couldn't agree to what causes Autism, Vaccines, Therapy, etc. The infighting in the community hurt my head and made me very sad. The guys at the Autspot gave me the resources to find the answers in my community myself. They talked to me about making my OWN decision, and understanding that EVERY child with Autism is different. Their online community joined me with thousands of families who felt the same way, and had the same questions. They embraced my child and love him for who he is.

I am now a parent advocate for The Autspot. I speak to businesses and people in my community about how they too can find their own resources and their own opinions. 

I wish I could write a longer post, but today I will be at The Children's Cancer and Autism BBQ in Gardena, California. Greg is out of town and Dele is participating in another fundraiser today. I asked the guys if I could set up The Autspot Booth and run it for the day. They said yes!! How exciting is that. No hesitation... just Yes... that would be awesome, thank you. Now, it may not sound like a big deal. But, if anyone has done events its huge. Just the fact that they trust me with all of their signage, brochures, bracelets, and materials. The fact that they trust me with their name... is tear-jerking.

If you are in the Los Angeles area please stop by the booth and say hi! It's free admission!

Event is at:

Serra High School
14830 Van Ness Avenue
Gardena, CA


Jules said...

This sounds like such an awesome thing. I have no children but hate those who judge for any reason.

I wish you the utmost success today and if I were not 3,000 miles away I would definitely stop by.

Unknown Mami said...

You are awesome and you do a great job at raising awareness.

pr0udmom0f3 said...

I posted the following over at SAY ANYTHING's blog last night...

My son is "silently" disabled as well. At the age of 9, he collects SSDI because his (mostly severe) mental disorders impede his everyday social, behavior, and emotional skills.

My kid looks like an average boy. He walks and talks just fine. Is in advanced classes because he is a Gifted Student. But not all is well in his head.

He requires monthly psychiatric treatment, DAILY medications to help his moods, depression and focusing/attention, as well as behavior therapies and accommodations.

The only time people see something wrong with him is when he has a Manic Episode or a Sensory overload. But then those that don't understand mistake it for him being an overly spoiled, bratty little heathen who just needs a damn good ass whippin'.

**ETA**... You can't "beat" his problems out of him. You must take a different approach when he is in that state. One that doesn't end up getting him or YOU hurt. Because when/if he rages during an episode, he CANNOT control himself and he CAN hurt you (with or without an object in hand).

Other than that, he is a TYPICAL child/boy. He is otherwise a sweet and loving, and caring child. But he has 'invisible' (or as I call them, 'silent') disabilities. And you would NEVER know he is disabled just by looking at him. Especially on his 'good' days.

Rose said...

the Autspot sounds like a gem.i've worked alot with sp. needs children and adults. you have to be an advocate or otherwise you won't get the help

Martha Williams Jordan said...

Autspot sounds like a wonderful organization. Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed, I remember having an autism advocate tell me that it was the vaccines that did it to her. It made me run fast from that expert. It's helpful to have experts walk with you on the journey as you figure out what works (and doesn't work) with your child. Thanks for sharing the information.