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Monday, December 21, 2009

In reply to my SSB Family: Survivor Rocks!!!

DonnaP.... Jaison does look good cleaned up, gotta disagree with you Aggie... on your comment he looked good even dirty…. His beard was nasty it looked like the hair down there.. way too nappy! Yeah I agree I thought the C word Shambo was using was a four letter word, and I think she was saying that on National TV in a way that the viewers would know WTF she was talkin! I was really pissed off at Eriks closing remarks. I think it should just be questions, but he made statements to sway the Jury, and that wasn’t cool! Oh did y’all see Nat tonight, poor baby was past skinny, and her hair even had bald patches from lack of nutrition. I like Nat too and glad that if Russell couldn’t get it she did. But Russell really deserved it. I’m glad Nat mentioned the rat thing because they were all acting like she was a little weak coattail rider and she was kickin’ azz in her own way. LMAO at the Sock in the fire, Russell is a piece of work! Aggie.... I thought Russell’s wife was really pretty, you didn’t think so? Allstars: BBBlogger.... Russell is going to be a Villan on All Stars… woo hoo its in February so we don’t have to wait very long… and Parvati and Russell on the same Team… now that’s good TV!!! I think Russell should have took Shambo and Jaison he would’ve kicked ass tonight. SSB fam....If there will be any shoving of Ted you can shove him here.. besides the Laura thing (who actually did look pretty on the finale) we have pretty much the same views! Nat looks better without makeup. Oh and Kelly…. Everytime I start to like her she friggin opens her mouth… STFU your endearing when you don’t speak! Tendr...... I do believe when Russell said he wanted his daughters to marry someone like Brett because he didn’t say it to Brett he said it to Mick and Nat, so therefore gaining nothing by saying it. I think the voting off Brett was the only time he did struggle morally with a Vote, but in the end Russell knew Brett would have the whole Jury, even Shambo. However, I did like Jaison’s comment about Russell and Office People, it made a lot of sense, but it is a game and that just how he chose to play, if you wanna talk sensitive the whole jury was butthurt, bitter, and babies about everything, so if Erik and TGO wanna shed a tear who cares… Tendr I agree with Ted, I like your profile pic too… very cute. Cynthia… I won’t shoot you I agree with your Russell statements. OMG they said the other Russell is going to be on Heroes… BARF… that dude is so annoying, his voice sounds like a whiny teenage girl… NOOOOOOOOOOO please NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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