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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Low-Income izms

I have talked to a lot of families whom are having problems getting services. I feel that can be changed. You are your child's advocate. Don't give up! This is definitely a case where No means Yes! It's all about research and bonding with other families on the spectrum. My son is in dire need of a dentist. I met a family who gave me a great referral. Of course Medi-cal (my areas low income insurance) doesn't cover it. I made the appointment anyways. I intend to pay the 95 dollar consultation fee then plead my case. If they don't waiver and I still can't afford it I am making copies of all the charges and writing Medi-cal and asking for help with a fee-waiver for special needs. If that doesn't work I will go to my City and then State. If need be, I will get help from a legal advocate for special needs. I will not stop until my son is taken care of, and neither should you! One person may not be able to change the world, but one person can give a child the right to a healthy life! Remember there is no shame in being low-income, there is shame that in a Country as rich as the United States that they allow low income families to suffer! Hold your head up high and let it be known.......I am low income and my child deserves the best products and services available!! Also a little trick I use.... I don't name drop but I definitely "Service Drop".... whenever I feel a "NO" coming on I tend to start my sentences off with... well the Autism Advocate I spoke too......

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