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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's In My City, We Don't Play! Ok, Maybe just a little...

Unknown Mami

Motorcycles, Cars, Santa, Toys & Kids, 
and Grown Folks Too!!

Another Awesome Day 

and Various Car & Bike Clubs

Special Needs Kids 
Toy Run & Holiday Celebration

 If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. 
-Booker T. Washington


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Angela said...

Wow those are some beautiful cars. I love seeing all the different people getting together to support great causes. Seeing the kids faces when they have their toys is so heart warming.

Awesome pictures as always :)

P.s. Is is sad that at 26 I am still terrified of santa? LOL

Love ya

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful affair to go to. Those bikes are beautiful and I just love the old cars! Thank you for sharing.

Joanna Jenkins said...

This is an awesome collection of photos! The motorcycles are so FAN-CY! And the cars-- Some of those brought back memories-- They're beautiful.

it looks like a great time with so much to do, see and eat :-)

Thanks for sharing, Happy SIMC, jj

Rose said...

fantastic photos. my hubby and i love old cars they were great. it's wonderful to see that there are people from different backgrounds and lifestyles that support helping children with special needs. thanks. rose

blueviolet said...

The vehicles are positively gleaming!

Unknown Mami said...

Those are some sweet rides! I'd be afraid to even breath on them.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Lots of great pics! I love Tefari with no shirt on. lol And you, of course, with that awesome hair. Super jealous!

TortugaRachel said...

Wow, Jane, awesome pics!! Looks like it was a great time, and your lil guy looks like he had a lot of fun!

What/who are the Uso's?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos (and cars and motorcycles - I'd not seen that detail silver/black work like on the one you included). Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing.

WheelchairDecor said...

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gaelikaa said...

That's a fair few mean machines you have there!

Greetings from gaelikaa's diary.

Marla said...

Those bike, cars and trucks ae amazing. What a great day!