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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Technology Kills my Kids Rite of Passage

Are you kidding me??? Monopoly Live.... you are robbing my family of Cheating! Every child should have the right to sit across from their sibling and hide money, grab a few gold $500 dollar bills when the family is distracted, and the fun of channeling dirtbag Landlords while selling property at the price higher than the worth! What is wrong with you Hasbro???!!! This was one of my Rites of Passage! 

C'mon, in the real world I live an honest life, I pay my taxes, I go back to the checker if she gave me to much change, hell I even ask to speak to a Supervisor to praise a customer service employee who does mediocre to excellent service, and I am purposely in over-tipper. I think of others, I really do! But let me tell you something, when it comes to board games, I am a dirty little cheater and I love it!!! Don't you dare get up to pee during Chutes and Ladders or ya may find yourself at the bottom of the Slide! You asked me for 6's in go fish, I may decide not to have any.. you can't see my hand! 

Yes I am a proud game board cheater! I don't take it into the real world so calm down. Just give me back my Monopoly because I feel ripped off! Those were the best days taunting my little sister by making up rules along the way. Now you have a tower who tells us the rules?? A mechanical voice that points out when we cheat? Freaking property pieces that look like credit cards?? 

You've just cheated a whole generation! Now whose the Cheater???


Angie said...

LOL - I never moved the other person... but would skip a block or two... especially Candy Land... Ugh that game goes forever

Kmama said...

I'm not much of a cheater with board games, but I agree that Monopoly ruined themselves with all the new versions. Jdaddy and I still like to play old school Monopoly.

Oka said...

No one ever wants to play Monopoly in my family :(

TortugaRachel said...


We bought the electronic one where you use the credit card things but my son still figured out how to cheat! I look at it as making the kids use new and creative methods, thereby helping them because it creates opportunities for creative problem solving.

Who am I kidding?

Mama Zen said...

You are so right!

Angela said...

I only cheat when I am playing my brother...its my right as a little sister!!! LOL!

Big Daddy Autism said...


Wendal said...

Hahahe. So very true. We had a banker that was constantly being "bailed" out coz of all the cheats that we were. We refused to make our own paper money coz we loved the printed ones, so the bank was always relying on someone loaded to lend it money. Always got favors back !!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I can not fib or lie even playing games with the family. I would always get mad if my husband cheated so maybe I would like this new game!