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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Autism Sisterhood

This is a great self-help book/pamphlet for newly diagnosed families. If you know anyone whom has just found out their family member or friend is on the Spectrum I highly recommend this book. It is small and light and can fit discretely in your pocket. I know a lot of "newbies" to our world are just trying to figure things out themselves and aren't ready yet for the worlds opinions, this is definitely the book for them. Michele C. Brooke did a great job sticking to ways for us to make our lives easier. She stayed away from all the big "debate" topics and stuck to simply embracing your child and figuring out how they learn and thrive. I enjoy how she explained The Autism Sisterhood. She stated that everyone is welcome even men. The Autism Sisterhood is built more on unity and discovery than on cliques. She shares ideas more than struggles. 

Michele Brooke helps the reader to see through the diagnosis and into the child. She gives great tips on what books, video's, and activities she's found to be helpful to educate and interact with her child. When it comes to Special Needs, I've always appreciated an Author who lists resources so that when I finish their book I know where to turn to next. 

I loved the fact that she stated her book was short because we Mothers of Special Needs Children rarely find time to sit and read a whole book. She was really thinking about us during the creation of this book. I like that she encourages the reader to pass the book on to other Mothers. It's not about sales to her, it's about Self-help.

It is definitely a must read for newly diagnosed families. Thank you Michele C. Brooks for sticking to the topic and not going off into the great debates. I am hoping that you write another book, busy parent's need more Authors like you.

Click here to order on Amazon: The Autism Sisterhood


blueviolet said...

In the beginning when you have limited knowledge, that would be a wonderful resource and comfort.

singedwingangel said...

I can think of 3 families right now that would have loved to have that kind of resource when their kids were diagnosed.. at least now there is help and options to check into

Angela said...

I will be sure to pass this info along..thanks Jane

Rose said...

sounds like this will be a great resorce. thanks for sharing rose

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. I will star this post and check the book out. Have a lovely weekend.

Angela said...

Hey Jane I put up a book review of the book I was reading for you in my blog. :)