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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sundays in My City LB Marathon

Unknown Mami

Long Beach Marathon
Bike, Run, or Walk for your Charity!


and other Volunteers Set Up 

Stacking Shirts for Runners by Sizes

Train4Autism Rocks!!!

 The Marathon had Special Needs Kids and Adults working as well!
(took picture of her back to protect her identity)

Off to the Races!! Sunday *today*
I woke up at 4:30 showered 
and walked 2 miles to
Volunteer for Train4Autism!
Next year I hope to Run!!!

Dawn is Breaking... almost race time!!
Gotta finish setting up Water!

 Ran back home to meet the kids 
the view on the way!

Bike Team....

 These guys rocked! 
They are from the Fire Dept..
and stood out there from 5am-3pm 
making sure participants were safe!
Mommy's and Strollers!

Bike, Walk and Run Long Beach Run!!!!




Rose said...

great photos. there were alot of people involved in this marathon. everyone seems pleased with themselves for being involved. take care rose

Jane said...

Looks like an amazing day! Love all the pics you took, awesome!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a wonderful event. I love all the pictures of the people who gave their time today to participate in this event. ((HUGS))

Unknown Mami said...

This got me all choked up. Sometimes people make me so proud.

Marla said...

This was awesome. YOU ... are awesome!

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow you are all amazing! What a wonderful event. I'm full of admiration.

Sonya said...

WOW look at all those people who showed up! thats so awesome! You are awesome :)

BLOGitse said...

Great way to get people active!
The weather looks perfect for the marathon...Thanks for sharing these pictures!
Have a good week ahead!

faerwillow said...

~jane...being apart of a event so close to your heart is such an experience...i am sure you were filled with a whirlwind of emotions...watching a community come together and support a wnderful day is beautiful...hats off to you for being apart of this not only for yourself but for your children too...they are guided by such an amazing spirit in their lives...much l♥ve and light to you and yours~

QueenBee said...

Mind-blowing. Priceless.

gayle said...

What a great day!! We just had an autism walk in our area too!!

Stacie said...

Looks like it was a nice day for this! Loved seeing all the pictures :) Great cause too :)