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Friday, October 15, 2010

Recycling Post Six

I keep saying I am going to come 
back to blogging, but lately I am so busy. 
This week we went to Special Needs night
at Supermex and Mommy Time 
(a free seminar given by Autism mom & 
Health Educator Kristin Selby Gonzalez)
beginning today-Sunday,
I am volunteering for Long Beach's
Race for Autism Marathon. 
So I am going to do 10 days of recycling 
my 10 favorite posts! 
In the next two links I participated in
The Open Adoption Interview Project.
Two families were paired up and we
Interviewed Each other in an annual
Blog Carnival about Open Adoption...

Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project

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1 comment:

The Henrys said...

You sure are busy!

I am trying to get the Vantage Lite through our insurance. It is made by a company called Prentke Romich. They have several devices to choose from.
Are you thinking of getting one, or some other type of communication device?