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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yikes! Where does the time go?

Just wanted to say hi to all the blog family I've come to know and love. I've been extremely busy lately. Wasn't that suppose to end when School started? Anyhoo...I see your comments and I am not ignoring you. Thank you for still stopping by! Big shout out and love to my BFF bloggers, to SPD (sensory processing disorder) blogging family, and to all my loyal Weekend Warriors & Special Needs Persons and Families! My posts will be coming back soon! I will be visiting blogs again next week. I am busy planning a Back to School Autism Picnic. I'm sure many of you remember how busy I was last time. Thank gawd its fun stress and the picnic was a great Success! But, stressful nonetheless. 
 (this is me... if i were white, 
my 12 yr old boy was a little girl*, 
if I could actually hold my 32lb. toddler, 
and if I had enough energy for a pet too... 
but ya get the idea, right? C'mon work with me here!!
*let it be known if my 'typical' kid ever stuck their tongue out
at me, i'd probably be in handcuffs! While holding the baby
and cooking dinner of course!)

Our picnic is Saturday. So beginning next week I will be back to my old self. Posting and Commenting. Thank you for your never ending support! Much love and hope all of you and your families are doing well!

(((hugs))) Jane

P.S. special thanks Brittney, Mama Fargo, Kisha, and Penny for bringing it hard on Skinny Jeans. Without y'all jabbing at my competitive spirit I wouldn't of been able to lose as much as I have!!! Thanks Amber & Brittany Ciara (NYAT) for starting SJ... y'all rock!!


Oka said...

You rocked in the weight loss, keep it up.

I have been pretty busy myself. I should feel bad, but I don't.

Take care of you and have fun

Kmama said...

Hey you!! I'm glad things are going well. busy is good. Keeps you out of trouble. ;-)

Rose said...

i've missed your blog as involved with company and issues. best in your picnic planning. it will be great as you put yourself forward in what you do. take care.rose

Marla said...

(this is me... if i were white,
my 12 yr old boy was a little girl*,
if I could actually hold my 32lb. toddler,
and if I had enough energy for a pet too...

OMG......I needed to laugh. Thank you!!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Sigh. I know how you feel. There's not enough time to do everything.