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Monday, September 27, 2010

Komo Centre Autism in Uganda

The end of the year is coming and 

it is almost tax time. 

If your looking for a charity for tax write off 

please help Komo Centre in Uganda. 

Let Elizabeth Najjemba Kaleeba know 

Jane Tipton Gasibiregye referred you 

for a donation. 


The email is 


My country needs much help for Autistic Families.


Anonymous said...

If I had money, I would so definitely donate. I will pray though, that I can definitely do!

otin said...

Kinda in the same boat as Tortuga but I will go look and see if they accept small donations. Good of you to help!

Rose said...

it's sad that other countries struggle more with helping autistic children vs America, yet America could still do more. rose