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    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Weekend Warriors Meme #2

    (feel free to grab the button)

    There are no rules... this will run
    through the whole weekend
    (Friday evening posted by 9pm PST
    thru Noon Monday, PST )
    so that Special Needs Families
    will have time to participate..
    we never know what any day is going to be like..
    ~Non-Special Needs Linkers ask us a question, 
    email knottylbc@yahoo.com to have 
    your questions posted the following week...
    link us, love our children, and most of all teach your children 
    how to befriend ours~

    Non-Special Needs 

    Aunties, Uncles, Neighbors, OT's, ABA's & Families
    Email me Three Questions that I will post next week

    (ex. how do you feel about your child riding the Short Bus?, 
    I say short bus not to poke fun, but to open up correct lingo and 
    take the power out of tacky words),
    Post a pic of your Child with
    A Special Person in their Lives,
    Post an interaction you had this week,
    Something new you've learned, etc
     Let us know One thing you will do this month
    to teach your Child about Ours.

    Special Needs Persons & Families

    Post A Pic

    Link an old post or your current post
    Choose to Answer Questions I posted previous Week
    Post how your Week/Weekend went
    What are your plans this Weekend,
    vent, share, love, and laugh..
    you and your family are valued here!

    This is not a forum stating "my way or the highway"
    please be respectful, discuss your experiences only.

    This is not a forum to debate.
    So lets gather and share our Experiences! 

    This weeks Question:
    if you knew then what you know now, how would this information have changed your 'list' of 'must haves' for baby 
    e.g. skip the really cute little hat with ears 
    [he's never gonna wear anything on his head ever] 
    and opt for a life time supply of Velcro 
    for all those pesky PECs.......

    This Weekend Warrior I chose to 
    answer the question:

    I would have asked for help making a
    Therapy room in my home!!
    I would do anything (almost) for a seperate
    Therapy room, straight with Swings, Weighted items, Etc.!
    Then he can play with something besides Lego's
    (he is fascinated with Legos!!)

    Jane's tip of the day... 
    When you see, what you assume is,
    an unruly child in public, 
    don't judge,
    remember our children, 
    and that child too,
    could have special needs!

    Please link directly to your Weekend Warrior Post
    (feel free to link posts with Special Needs Giveaways 
    and informational links, but please, no links 
    to ads for expensive items the average household cannot afford) 


    Kat said...

    I love what you say at the end of your blog post...about unruly kids. It's really very nice, and something that everyone should always remember.

    The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

    I just learned this very lesson this year...well...I guess I have been learning it all along.

    Misbehavior is often times not what it appears. My little guy had a terrible time in the airport and flight home from Florida..I know what people were thinking because I used to think it to.

    It's a little bit sad.

    william manson said...

    good luck dear, worthy theme xx

    Erin said...

    I'm going to work on mine tomorrow and get it posted. Just for fun I had a checker giving me the evil eye for telling Colby to stop screaming at Walmart. I looked her straight in the eye and said "Kids in wheelchairs throw temper tantrums too. He is capable of stopping and he needs to stop" she was stammering and apologizing forever. Its one of the few times in my life I have said something to someone for staring at my kid but I felt good for standing up for myself and for my parenting skills with a special needs kid.

    sheila said...

    Your tip at the end is great! When I see an unruly child I simply smile. Because my kids are older and I've been through it. No special needs....but I do understand.

    Jingle said...

    kids are diverse,
    I used to work at elementary school,
    some refuse to learn, but whine about being bored...rich and insightful post!

    Kmama said...

    I agree with your tip at end. It's so easy to judge, but you really don't know what's going on!!

    Oka said...

    a therapy room sounds like a wonderful need...

    The tip is so truthful. With so many schools going to Zero Tolerance, I think society is trying to take that exact theory.

    kathleen said...

    If I knew then what I know now...I would have slept the entire nine months of pregnancy..:)
    Every kid learns and develops at their own pace. It would be nice if everyone understood that..took the time to think on that instead of passing judgment on someone.

    Lynette said...

    Thank you for this. I enjoyed writing about Brainiac in a positive light, and feeling like it was "ok" :)

    Thank you also for your very sweet comment. I look forward to participating more!

    Liz Mays said...

    What a wonderful weekend meme!

    Meeko Fabulous said...

    I love how you said "love our children, and most of all teach your children how to befriend ours". When I was in elementary school, there was a sort of bridge program. They would bring the autistic kids into our classroom and we would read to them and do activities with them and then we would play with them at recess time. To this day I remember the name of my buddies that were in my group and I hope they're ok. Sonia, Kyle, and Michael. Then when I went on to work with kids for a short while, my favorite kid on campus was Diego, a little autistic boy with the world's biggest personality who just worked his way into all our hearts. Thanks for bringing these happy childhood memories back. :)

    Adoption of Jane said...

    Meeko.. thats why i luv u!!!

    MOMSWEB said...

    You were my first blog stop this morning. Good Morning! I love your blog and your freedom to BE YOU! Have a joyful week.